Thursday, September 29, 2005

We're sleeping together

Your eyelids start falling with impending disaster. The Dixon Ticonderoga falls from your hand. Analysis from a Topological Viewpoint becomes the chariot that will take your dreams to their heaven.
Yesterday's homework sticks to your sweaty legs; tomorrow's is cuddled in your arms like a lover. And what a sweet lover she is. She whispers sweet nothings into your ear as you are lowered into sleep.
You wake blinking once or twice; the light is still on. You move your arm only to find a strange tribal imprint on your arm left by a cannibal spiral notebook. You turn your head; papers rustle. Underneath the sheets of paper, there are sheets of cloth, three weeks over due for a wash. Stepping out of your bed, a paper tears, you stick your foot onto a textbook and the pages stick to the bottom of your foot. You would make your bed, but why bother? The sheets are all laid out for you already. 2.30 am. Yes.
Hit the snooze button and stop the buzzing in your head. Lay back down, the snooze button hit, buzzing is still in your head. Pull a light blanket over yourself and sleep with your work. Sleep with it. Love it. Make love to it. It shares your bed for the next 8 months like a boyfriend who won't commit. 3am. 4am. 5am.
Good morning! It looks like it'll be a cloudy morning opening up to a sun filled day...

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