Sunday, October 02, 2005

3...2...1....EVERYBODY KISS!

It was January first. We were watching football and eating leftover ham from Christmas.

"What're your resolutions for the new year?" I ask.
"I don't make them. I don't wait for a new year to change my life."

I agree with my dad.

So I figured I'd write up some resolutions (good and bad and in no particular order) for now. Happy ex-New Year!

  • I will get 1.5-2 weeks ahead in all of my classes.
  • I will keep my room clean for at least a week. (you have to start off slow, you know)
  • I will grow my nails out long and pretty (and sexy, mind you).
  • I will be able to do the splits by December 12.
  • I will get a good portion of a novel finished by December.
  • I will have enough work done on my proof that I'll present it in a conference next March.
  • I will catch up in my letter writing. I will write back the next day each letter I receive.
  • I will buy some new ties.
  • I will actually get asked on a date this yeah. That's more of a wishful thinking thing...
  • I will finish the Book of Mormon twice before the year's end (once for John and once for Hinckley).
  • I will buy some clubbing clothes.
  • I will kiss at least 20 people in one day.
  • I will find a bra whose straps do not fall off my shoulders in class.
  • I will write an epic poem.
  • I will find some way to download a whole ton of Megadeth songs, or I will just go out and buy an effin' CD.
  • I will be able to play Rachmaninoff's Pollichinelle by January.

That's kind of all I can think of right now. I'll probably add more later.

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