Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Police Blotter

This morning, a BYU co-ed was found unconscious in her bed. She has not been identified as of yet. Police reports say that it appeared as if there was a struggle.
"Things were everywhere. We could hardly get in the door." stated the county sherriff.
Police have infered that the victim must have been assaulted late last night or early this morning.
One roommate complied with questioning, "All I know is that we haven't seen her in a while because she's always doing Homework. She's out with him late into the night and I've seen them together in her room. They were pretty close. .... She always refered to him as her Homework. I think she's been sleeping with him for about 6 weeks now."
According to BYU-housing standards, boys are not allowed in the apartments after midnight and are not allowed in the bedroom areas at all.
"If she had just followed the Honor Code, this wouldn't have happened."
As of right now, Homework is the only suspect. BYU and UVSC students in the Provo should be on careful watch for this fearful predator; however, similar attacks have been seen on many college campuses.
"It would seem that this is not the work of just one individual, but that there is a ring of "Homework" all through the United States."
Homework is dangerous and armed. If you see someone that resembles Homework, turn him into the proper authorities immediately. Do not leave your apartments or dorms. Authorities have discovered that going to class will only aggravate this predator.

Updates on the situation will be made regularly.

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