Monday, October 03, 2005 jello shots

College life is waking up and not remembering what happened the night before, with a blaring headache, sensitivity to light and motion, and impending dread of the day before me. I want to hit the snooze button, but it's out of reach. Someone was up before me and the light in the hallway is shining underneath my door. Rolling out of bed, I hit my right hip and bruise it badly; I've been doing this for so long, my entire right side is purple. It looks like my boyfriend beats me only on my right side...except for the ultimate lack of boyfriend.
The sprinklers go on outside. What are they watering? There's no grass there. The pssssssh of the sprinklers is incessant. Maybe I should close my window. No. No.
What did I do last night? I couldn't have stayed up late. Oh. Ugh. I have homework due today. That's right...I remember now. I had a party. A good ol' Mormon party. All weekend long. Filled with glasses of laziness, a keg and a half of loafing, and many shots of procrastination. While my state school friends had parties of toga all weekend, I had parties of lollygag.
The mirror shows how tired my eyes look; they are the remnants of an old widow's sagging breasts. Nothing a little makeup can't fix.
I turn on the shower and stare at my feet for a while. I find the energy to turn the water higher. It pours over my head and down my face. My arm reaches for the shampoo. No it doesn't. I'm telling it to, it feels like it's getting there, but my arm is still limp at my side. I heave a loud sigh. Thank goodness for showers.
After waking myself, I roll back into bed. I envy my state friends. At least they have a proper excuse for this...what am I supposed to say? I'm high on life? I'm drunk of funk? I've been shooting up laziness? I've been on an LDS trip?
And what a trip it was...
Is a hangover a good excuse not to show up at class?

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