Thursday, November 10, 2005

and-a 1 and-a 2 and-a...

My softball number when I was in second grade: 14. Teeth I’ve chipped: 1. Times I’ve been pulled over: 3. Tickets: 0. Places I’ve lived: 9. Rock concerts I’ve been to: 1. College sports games I’ve seen: 12. Professional sports games I’ve seen: 0. Colleges I applied to: 4. Times I’ve stubbed my toe: 18. Age when I found that Santa didn’t exist: 8. Zoos I’ve been to: 4. Times I fell down the stairs last week: 15. Letters I’ve received from John: 35. Watches I’ve owned: 6. Perfumes I’ve worn: 5. Talks I’ve given in church: 5. Years I’ve been on a color guard: 5. Rolls of film I’ve used up: 12. Pencils I’ve broken: 153. Cousins: 11. Cousins I’m on speaking terms with: 3. Minutes it takes to walk to the Deseret Book in Orem: 36. Nights I’ve been stranded in Salt Lake: 1. Movies I saw this summer: 3. Band-aids I’ve used this semester: 3. Sushi rolls I’ve eaten: 0. Times I’ve sworn: 4. Times I’ve given the bird: 0. Arm wrestles I’ve won: 3. Times I’ve blinked: 1,985,687,234. Hailstorms I’ve been in: 3. Rent: $230. Dances I went to in high school: 6. I cried at 4. My favorite prime number: 2039. Age I learned to snap on both hands: 9. Age I learned to whistle: 11. Free space on my hard drive: 100GB. People in my apartment: 4. Age when my grandpa died: 13. Ants I killed today: 2. Quarters I have for laundry: 46. Times I ditched class in high school: 1. Times I’ve ditched class in college: 3. Bottles of shampoo I own: 2.

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