Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Beam me up

Be prepared.
Be prepared in everything.
So what if a mad (or not-so-mad) scientist asked you to test his new time machine? Well, you'd have to pack! Would you be prepared?

My list of things I'd pack if a mad/not mad scientist asked me to try out a time travelling device:

My contacts and contact solution
Girl supplies
My watch and extra batteries
Shampoo and conditioner
Picture of my family
Hat (I'm thinking my orange one)
Some awesome purple makeup
Rubiks cube

I think that'll do it. Yessiree.

And as he straps me into the machine, my right foot on the "go" lever, I set the date. August, May, January... The door closes and the lights flash on and off in spuratic intervals.

This ride might take some time, so reaching down into my bag of belongings, I grab the Rubiks cube... click click click.

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