Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm currently working on a small science fiction piece which I will post later today when I finish it. It's actually the first fiction I've written in a long time. As you can tell, I either update you all about the BYU football team/BYU Marching Band or I do creative non-fiction. Jack Brown is fiction, but I failed to post that last Saturday. I'll post it this Saturday.
I'm also working on an essay for the David O. McKay Essay Contest. It's a rather serious piece and was difficult to write. I might post it here pieces at a time. The material is tough and very personal. When I do post it, don't judge me, my friends.

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  1. Katie o4:17 PM

    I wanna read your stufff!!!!! Post it! NOWWWWW!!!!!! Tell me when you get it posted... bye! I missed you over break! can't wait for christmas, but not til the 23rd?! Yuck! Well i'll see you after christmas then. byyyyyyyye


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