Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dear God

Dear God,
I know you get this all the time, but I think you're pretty awesome. Life has been good to me, how about you? I can't complain too much. There are little things, but you already know about those.
But I do have a question: what were you thinking when you made me? Yeah. There you are giving everyone nice traits. Oh shy, witty, good with knitting, that'll make a nice librarian. or ambitious, good people skills, smooth talker, a born leader. And then at the end of making all these wonderful combinations of people, you say to yourself, "Let's see...what could make me laugh the most. Oh yes! A clumsy, absent-minded, talks-before-she-thinks, blasphemus, smart-but-not-smart-enough-for-her-aspirations, excited about everything she sees girl. Yeah. That'll be a riot. And so here I am. I'm glad I can give you a good laugh, but it'd be really nice if you gave me some direction.
Ok, yeah. I might be talking out of line, but you still love me.
Oh! Thanks for the snow today. Very nice. You know what would be wonderful, though? If you could help me clean my room. That needs to be done. And help me study for tomorrow's test and help me relax. I feel really tense all the time now. I blame finals. Yeah. One week and I'll be in Vegas, but you already knew that, eh?
So how about a game of hopscotch sometime? I bet you're pretty good at hopscotch. You might even be perfect. I don't know, though, I'm a mean hopscotch competitor. I'll give you a run for your money, sir.
Well, I'm sure you're busy and all, planning for the end of the world. Just hold off the little red button for a few days, ok?
Sounds good. I'll chat with you later on, you busy at about 4? Good.
And you know I don't mean to sound blasphemus. Well, I do, but I don't mean anything terrible by it. Blasphemy! Ok. Sorry, God.

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