Sunday, December 04, 2005

washing your makeup off

It was a good date. Milk shakes, quality comedic entertainment, a game of Uno. A goodnight hug.
He leaves you at your apartment. Walking to your room, you beam (and your roommates give you all these questioning looks).
Wait...You have makeup on, so instead of making it all the way to your room, you stop at the vanity to wash it off. You turn on the faucet, cup some water in your hands, and bend towards the clean feel of a washed face.
But, as you bend down towards the water in your hand, you look up at the mirror in front of you.
Wait that's what you looked like all night?
And then they come: the doubts.
It's really only one doubt: who on earth could like you? Well, you have friends; people like you well enough, but what about you would lead to someone being romantically interested in you?
So you stop in the middle of washing your face. Yeah. You have a round face. Who would like someone with a round face?
Your hair's a mess and you could probably stand to lose a few pounds. You're the biggest geek on the planet.
And yet, some guy likes you.
And it's a wonderful game.


  1. cute commentary..

    I'm sure the man likes you for you!! ;)

  2. McKay6:28 PM

    He sure does!!


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