Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Missing in the Math Lab (part 2)

JACK BROWN...Continued from last November I know! I know! It's a little late. And by "little" I mean "very"

"I want to go over your research and check up on your thesis sometime, Jack. How's next Wednesday at four?"
"Sure. Sure."
"Good. I'll see you then." Dr. Moore smiled. "Looks like you have some papers to grade this weekend."
"Yeah." I fake a smile. That pile on my desk won't give up. It's even started to digest the carpet on the floor.
He leaves. I get up and grab my leftover spaghetti and take it to the microwave. My thoughts go to Miss Hendrickson. It's a shame that such a lovely woman should be so distraught.
I look at the clock. Two o'clock. I have a class at seven tonight. Now would be a good time to take a break and check out this "Math Lab."

The doors of the Math Lab are kept open. there are all kinds of papers on the windows. Need a tutor? Adopt a TA! Math Lab Hours M: 8-4 T-F: 8-9 S: 8-1. TA of the week!
There are signs hanging from the ceiling directing which tables are reserved for which classes. I step into the room and the heat takes over. No wonder they keep the doors open. There is a little room on the left with a couple of students in it. It looks quieter in there.
I start wondering around, bumping into a few students with blue vests on. Sitting down at an "Advanced Math" table, I prop my leg up and lean back, watching the students click their mechanical pencils and dusting eraser remains on my shoes.
There are rectangular vents spread throughout the room, and one has caught a girl's skirt. She struggles to move her chair in the cramped space.
There is a strange pounding noise coming through the vent.
"Hey." I try to catch that girl's attention. What's the noise from the vent?
"They're working down there. I don't know exactly."
"Down there?"
"Yeah. There's a basement."
"Oh. I guess that makes sense."
"What class are you in?"
"Oh. Um." I realized I must have looked strange, with my lack of book and paper. "I'm just hanging out in the Math Lab. For fun."
"Okay...You know, you'll find cuter girls in the Periodicals."
"So I hear." I decide that this conversation is over and I stand up to leave. "Yeah. I'll try there, I think."
It takes me a while to finally get out of the door. The Talmage building has comfortable benches in the foyer, so I rest my eyes there.
A basement, eh?

(to be continued...)

Ooh...And having nothing to do with Jack Brown, Petra, THE Petra from the 100 Hour Board commented on my blog. It's like a sign...or something. Well, in all, it's kind of cool. And Petra, I didn't mean anything of it all. It was just a good leap for an entry.

Monday, January 30, 2006


So I was reading the One Hundred Hour Board this morning and I came across this question. I liked the response, as I think it is accurate insomuch as the relation to the seventh cousin/spouse thing. However, Petra's phrase

7th cousins? That's nothing. For heaven's sake, we're Mormons: everyone is related on at least that level. (Or, at least, all BICs.)

excluded me. She then continues to act that she's not being presumptuous. Petra, Petra, Petra. I'm Mormon and I am definitely not related to anyone in Utah, as my parents are both converts and have no family on this side of the Mississippi. Petra, I'm not upset, really. It's understandable and you tried your best; that's all we ask. I don't think any less of you.
So let me tell you something about us second-gen Mormons. We've heard stories. We've heard great and terrible stories about the "Utah Mormons" and these terrify us. There are stories of "fetchers" and "fry sauce" and...and...Green-Jello-with-Carrots-and-Potatoes-in-it-Eating-Mutants.
So we come. We come to BYU to save you all. Your inbreeding of pioneer stock has to end. So we come, over the Mississippi to take you back to the East where you first came from. We are mutant-free, hoping for a mutant-free Utah. We're doing this for you. Don't we sound so charitable? (insert sly smile here)
And we aren't afraid of the repercussions.

Oh, mothers of Utah, we've come to take your sons away and marry them, carry them back over the Mississippi where you won't see them again until they're 30. And your grandchildren...heh...you can give up the hope of being able to trace their geneology back to Brigham Young twice. You'll get once, and then you'll get a tenth great-grandfather who assassinated the king of England. Yes murderous blood, treacherous blood, but sweet, none the less...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Post the fiftieth: if I were God (part 1)

Welcome to my fiftieth post!

Last semester, I used to eat icecream sandwiches a lot. They're only 50 cents in the Talmage Building vending machines, you see. I was in a habit.
And then I learned about Neopolitan icecream sandwiches. And now it's less of a habit and more of an addiction...except I can't say that or else I'll lose my Ecclesiastical Endorsement to go to BYU. So it's not an addiction...it's more of a...fantasy. Fantasy, yes. I fantasize left and right about Neopolitan icecream sandwiches.
There's only one thing I can say: whoever made up the idea of the icecream sandwich was a genius. Kudos to him. And to God for giving him the idea. God is a genius. And...I think he gets his fill of icecream sandwhiches every morning.
Waking up to the golden tone of a celestial alarm clock (and don't tell me they don't sleep in heaven-heaven is sleep-I'll definately sleep some in heaven-ooo-perfect dreams) God puts his fuzzy slippers on, walks downstairs to the sound of birds singing and looks at his wife cooking eggs on the stove.
"Honey, can you grab the Eggos from the freezer?" she asks. (they have Eggos in heaven, too)
So as he reaches for the Eggos (because he's the perfect husband and would do anything for his wife), he sees the Neopolitan icecream sandwiches. He gives her the Eggos, but takes the icecream out, unwrapping the plasticky wrapper and folding it into the perfect origami bird.

mmm...icecream sandwiches...breakfast of the Gods.
God eats icecream sandwiches for breakfast. And I would too. If I were God, I'd eat icecream sandwiches for breakfast everyday and never have to run off the calories.

Friday, January 27, 2006

To the girl with the too-large of shoes

Note: This is my first attempt ever at free verse poetry. Give me a break.

I saw you on the way to class
with your ruffled skirt and pea coat
struggling in the snow.

Slush: clinging to the edges
of your oversized black heels,
slipping off the soles
as you clod along the street.

Clod along the street!
You have to! You must!
or else your Gucci pumps
would fly right off your feet.

I understand you plight,
to choose fashion over comfort,
but it's snowing for goodness sakes!
Put a real shoe on!
You're ridiculous!

Your clodding on the ground won't hide the fact that you are struggling just to keep your shoes on. Hey! If you wore real shoes with laces, you wouldn't have the problem.

Thank you.

*snap snap snap* and other various beatnik poetry sounds.
(insert bongo drums)

Then You Are Pitched a Curve Ball

When I woke up yesterday morning, I did not imagine that I would have a new roommate by the end of the night.
But when, at 5:15, there was a knock on the door and Maria was asking to live with us, my plans for the weekend changed. Instead of practicing the piano Thursday night and Friday during the day, I am cleaning my newly-arranged bedroom and getting rid of stuff that I don't need anymore.
In the end it's a good thing. I'll (hopefully) be living away from Provo this summer, and I can't have tons of stuff with me. It's not feasible. And I'm not a big fan of storage.
So here I am today, awaiting the few hours between English class and Algebra to do my laundry and clean my room. Oh. How can I find a place for all my notebooks and papers? How? How?
Also very interesting about last night: My Led Zeppelin poster fell on me while I was asleep. And then I dreamt that I had put it on the ground, but I woke up later to find out that I hadn't. Marilyn Monroe stayed nicely on my wall all night.
Love is a many splendored thing.
Oh- McKay. So I was thinking about something to do tonight, and I realized that I have Play-Doh. So tell your friend that we have Play-Doh available. And it's in awesome colours, too. Ooh. Check out that British/Canadian spelling of "colours." Pretty awesome, eh?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

20th Annual Spring Research Conference

This is the best information I have on the event at the moment. Dr. Forcade and I are working on some research to submit to the conference. I'll submit the abstract and everything in the next couple of weeks, so you can all find out when I'm presenting. Hooray!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thinking outside the Conformity

In the prayer at the end of the forum today, the girl asked the Lord to help us "think outside the box" because that's what the forum was about. However, I wish to argue that "thinking outside the box," "coloring outside the lines," "stepping over the line," "pushing the envelope" is actually being "in the box." Everyone thinks outside the box or colors outside the lines. If you really want to be a noncomformist, I suggest you try these:

  1. Integrate a non-continuous function.
  2. Square a circle
  3. Trisect an angle
  4. Use ! as a ?
  5. Type a cent sign.
  6. Play a 13-lettered word in Scrabble
  7. Explain string theory to a child (age 7).
  8. Hang mistletoe at Easter.
  9. Drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  10. Elevate your basement.
So there you go. Ten easy things that let you color outside the lines while still being outside the box.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday School

In Sunday School today, they talked about something that reminded me of a poem I wrote in eighth grade. The poem isn't that good, but I'm going to post it anyway.

In the garden of my mind
There is a seed I do not know
It’s new and odd , peculiar, too.
But not yet begun to grow.

I see it now; it grows up tall
As high as the eye can see
But all my other sweet little plants
Are looking brown to me

The more I water, the more they’re hurt
The larger took all the sun
The larger took all the water and dirt
The little ones are done

All that’s left of the garden
Is nothing much to see,
For all that’s left is that plant
The horrible, awful weed.

Friday, January 20, 2006

How to Pretend to be an English Major

First, you must be ready the second week in to show off your stuff. This way the illusion hits them fast and hard. Second, participate in class. Listen to what's going on. For example, today they might happen to be discussing formalism in a fish bowl-style setting. While listening, it is best to note what the other students are saying.
For example, "I think the rules just fence-in the creativity; it's art; you can't fence that in," is a good example of a generic English major comment (in fact, it's genuine, too). Watch closely as the other students get in on the conversation.
You may notice, that as a math major, you agree with good form. It's in your blood and this push for free-verse "creative" poetry is rubbing you the wrong way. That's ok. Watch what happens. Come in at the appropriate time.
Yes, this is the single most ridiculous scene you've ever witnessed. This is why you have to beat them. You have to join with their ludicrousness. There's no other way to pull off "genuine English major" well if you don't. Join them. You must. Resistance is futile.
You know what you must do.
Yes. Yes. Untie your shoe. Take it off your foot. Walk to the center of the classroom and place the shoe on the floor. Get down on the floor with the shoe. Watch the shoe. Be the shoe.
It is at this point, that the class's attention will be focussed on you. You must do it this way. You have to show them that you are one of them, not an alien from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In the background, you will hear a few of them laugh nervously. This is normal. English majors are cautious about letting an outsider in.
Shush them. You hear their nervous laughter? End it. You will not be laughed out. Say your lines clearly now:
Pause for dramatic effect. Stare the shoe down as if your life depends on it.
Slowly now:
"It's speaking to me."

And then it'll all happen at once. The room will go quiet. You've just added more with your shoe to their conversation than they did with their five paragraph essays. Now your life is a commentary. A commentary on form. A commentary on modern art, free-verse poetry, and all things abstract.
And this is what it's saying:
Putting something on the ground and saying that it speaks to you, does not make it art. I'll show you free-verse! A free-verse with thoroughly thought-out rhythm and structure.

Thank you.

This has been a message from your local math major. It works. Tried and true. Huzzah!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Writer can have his block back.

I've reached an all-time low. In all seriousness, I cannot think of anything to write about. Well, the Chinese New Year is coming up (year of the monkey), so my New Year's resolution will be to write something good. Yep Yep.
Well, anyway, because of the cinder block called writer's, I've resorted to the worst thing ever. I'ts cliche, it's lame, and no one actually ever reads them: Internet survey thingys:
(this one I mooched from Amanda's blog)

***W O U L D Y O U R A T H E R***
1. pierce your nose or tongue?: I'm afraid to answer this one. What a good start, eh? I'll say nose because a small stud wouldn't be so bad. And I'd rather not get my dentist upset at me about a tongue piercing.
2. be serious or be funny?: How about seriously funny?
3. drink whole or skim milk?: Skim.
***A R E Y O U***
1. simple or complicated: Simply Complicated.
***D O Y O U P R E F E R***
1. flowers or angels?: If one of them were to appear in my room right now, angels definately.
2. gray or black?: That's kind of up in the air, well actually, if it were in the air, I'd prefer a gray sky to a black one.
3. Color or Black and white photos?: Sepia.
4. lust or love?: Love. I mean, honestly.
5. sunrise or sunset?: Either. They don't really have them in Utah. Stupid mountains blocking the sun...
6. M&Ms or Skittles?: M&Ms. I'm not a big fan of candy posing as fruit.
7. rap or rock?: Well, well, well. Rock, although I've heard some good rap, too.
8. staying up late or waking up early?: I want to say waking up early because I get more done, but I do like staying up late on occasion if the company is desirable.
9. eating apples or oranges?: And apple away keeps the doctor away. I have a good orange story, though. I'll share it some time.
***A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y***
1. do you like anyone?: yes, I usually like everyone.
2. do they know it?: What do you expect me to do, get on television and announce to the world that I like everyone so that everyone can know it? Come on! I'm a poor college student.
3. are you going out with them?: I'm taken already so I can't start dating the population of the world willy nilly.
4. are you married to them?: I don't think they allow plural marriage in the States, do they? But in case, here is a proposal: World and the people in it, would you all marry me? No? Okay then, I'll be satified with a kiss now and again.
***D O Y O U P R E F E R***
1. being hot or cold?: Like I have a choice? I'm already hot. Preference is not an issue. You can't stop this hotness.
2. sun or moon?: Sun. The moon and I have issues. Stupid full moon...
3. Winter or Fall?: Fall. Winter is nice the first 3 days, but the moment the snow gets all salty and slushy and dirty, pack your bags.
4. left or right?: Choose the right, when a choice is placed before you. Except that I have some tendecies to the left. I'm not talking politics. I find left-handed men strangely attractive sometimes. Ok. I've got weird fettishes. Thank you.
5.having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? This is difficult because I really haven't had a "best friend" since 3rd grade. I don't really know what a best friend is like, so how can I prefer one?
6. sun or rain?: Rain. Hard falling, large drops of rain. The kind that standing out in the yard for 15 seconds will leave you drenched in wetness. There isn't a better type of rain to dance in, umbrella-less and fancy-free.
7. vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?: Cookies and cream.
8. vodka or Jack?: Beer, of the root variety.
***A B O U T Y O U***
1.What time is it?: 9:33 am MST
2.Name?: TopHat
3.Nickname?: "Supreme Queen of all things Awesome or Helicopters" You can't tell I just made that up, can you?
***W H A T D O Y O U W A N T***
1. Where do you want to live?: Celestial Kingdom. Ok. Fine. Chicago. They're practically the same, and once I become mayor of Chicago, she'll be translated anyway. Zion here I come. Anyway, I've always thought about being a guru living on top of a mountain. Hey! I could live on the top of the Sears Tower and people could come up and ask me questions about life like "What's the meaning of spoons?"
2. How many kids do you want?: Now? None. Later? 2. I guess 3 or 4 wouldn't be so bad, though.
3. What kind of job do you want?: The kind that pays me to breathe.
***U N I Q U E***
1. Nervous Habits?: Talking to myself, inanimate objects, biting my nails, fidgeting, interupting the speaker, making good jokes at the the wrong times.
2. Are you double jointed?: No.
3. Can you roll your tongue?: Yes, but I've never rolled sushi.
4. Can you raise one eyebrow?: I raise plenty of eyebrows. You should see me walk home from school. I'm an eyebrow raising maniac.
5. Can you cross your eyes?: Can you cross your T's?
6. Do you make your bed daily?: yes.
***F O O D***
1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: Twirl. and twirl and whoooop!
2. Have you ever eaten Spam?: No.
3. Favorite ice cream flavor?: Cold.
4. How many kinds cereal are in your cabinet? One.
5.What's your favorite beverage?: Lemonade.
6. What's your favorite restaurant?: Bennigan's...mmm...Monte Cristo...
7. Do you cook?: Not only do I cook, but I can burn my hand doing it. That takes talent, my friends.
***G R O O M I N G**
1. How often do you brush your teeth?: 2-3 times a day.
2. Hair drying method: Get the water out. Isn't that how everyone dries their hair? That's like the definition of drying.
3. Have you ever dyed/highlighted your hair?: Yes. It's currently both red and blond.
***M A N N E R S***
1. Do you swear?: I have, but I don't do it on a regular basis. I try to watch myself.
2. Do you ever spit: No. That's just rude.
3. You cook your own food: Aye, aye, captain.
4. You do your own chores?: Yes. Who doesn't?
5. You got laid today? No. What type of girl do you think I am?
6. You like beef jerky? not so much
7. You like pepsi or coke? Dr. Pepper
8. You plan on going to college? Destination: Achieved.
9. You're happy with your hair? Usually, but today I let it do what it felt like and I'm not so happy with it. That's the last time I allow my hair to have agency.
10. You own a dog? No. But I do own a rubik's cube.
11. You spend your money wisely? Yes, yes I do.
12. You're always making new friends? always? Well, I do have a difficult time making friends while I'm brushing my teeth. I mean, it's not like there's a line of people that I can constantly meet anytime anywhere.
13. You like to swim? Heck yes.
14. You got bored so you call a friend? Not often, but I think I've done that a couple times.
15. You're patient? If by patient you mean "not at all ever patient," yes. I can be patient when I want to be, it's not like I'm hurrying off to die. I can wait for that.
16. You like this survey? Actually, whoever wrote this survey has bad grammar and I'm a little annoyed at the moment.
In the last month have you...
1. Had sex: No.
2. Bought something: Yes.
3. Gotten sick: Sick? I woke up with swollen lymph nodes on Monday, but it's over now. My sicknesses usually last about 8 hours and then go away and only show up every 3 months at the soonest.
4. Sang: Yes and very well off-key, thank you. I've reached celestial glory in bad singing. You can beam me up now, St. Pete.
5. Been kissed: Yes. I've also been the kisser a few times this past month. Carolyn...you shall not escape me!
7. Felt stupid: Yes.
8. missed someone?: Yes. I miss everyone all the time. I'm missing you right now. Why don't you give me a call or something so there's no more missing?
9. Got drunk: If by drunk, you mean "lemonaded", and by lemonade, you mean "not hard" lemonade, then yes. I get drunk every night. Hooray for lemonade.
10. Gotten high: My current elevation is 4549 feet, although I've flown pretty high in an airplane.
11. Danced crazy: Define crazy.
12. Gotten your hair cut: Yes. And not just one!
13. Watched cartoons: No. Wait. Anime...
14. Lied: This is a false statement.
Last Person that...
1. Slept in your bed: me. it is my bed.
2. saw you cry: seriously cry? I keep that to myself, although God likes to peek in every once and a while.
3. Made you cry: People don't make people cry. Onions make people cry.
4. You Went to the movies with: McKay. No wait. My family during Christmas.
5. You went to the mall with: Myself. I like shopping alone. It's quicker.
7. You went to dinner with: McKay and his brother (+wife) and his best friend (+wife). Ack! I hang with married people!
9. Said 'I love you' to you: My mom? Carolyn? God? I'm not sure exactly.
10. Broke your heart: People don't break hearts, bad situations and miscommunication break hearts.
11. Made you laugh: Actually, I have no idea. I try not to laugh at people. Wait. No I don't. I laugh at everything. Maybe McKay. or Megan.
12. Bought you something: John.
13. Hugged you: McKay Todd Farley.
Have You Ever...
1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: Yes. I mean it every time I say it.
2. Got in a fight with a pet: A pet? peeve? I really don't fight pet peeves. Maybe I should. I think I'll start a pet peeve boxing show. It'll be number one on all the national networks and broadcast over all the world. It'll be the new olympic event.
3. Been to California: No. I haven't. I hear they have a nice variety of fruits and nuts, though. Tee Hee. Oh I really don't mean that, McKay. Well, ok I do. Sort of.
4. Been to Mexico: No. But my roommate has. She's from Mexico. Pretty cool, eh?
5. Been to China: No. Alas, I haven't.
6. Been to Canada: Yes. Hooray for the Niagara Falls. and various train rides.
7. Been to Europe: Yes. Germany.
8. Wished you were the opposite sex: I once had a dream in which I was a boy, but I kind of like being female. Actually I love being female. Girls are prettier. And curvier. And prettier.
9. Snuck out of your house: Yes...
10. Gave money to a homeless person: No. Next time I will. Except I don't carry money on my person. What's the exchange rate for high fives?
11. Surfed: no.
Wait, that's it? That was kind of a disappointing ending. Isn't it supposed to be grandios?
Well, that's it. I'm still battling writer's block, but now you all know about me. Kind of. Except for the fact that I don't like earwigs. And now you know.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cool things I did today.

When you have no more inspiration, you have to make it up. So today's post is a list of cool things I did today- in no particular order except that the number one spot is really the coolest thing I've done in over a year.
1) Did baptisms for the dead. I also learned that Provo temple is insanely busy. Because of the busy-ness of the temple, we did only 3 names each. Hooray for Relief Society temple trips, though. I got through about 8 chapters of Matthew while I was there. Good times were had by all.
2) Somersault in the basement of the Talmage building (the CS side). The basement of the Talmage building is one of those sections of campus, that if you aren't a geeky freak, you don't go there. I'm pretty geeky and pretty freaky, but not geeky enough to call that place my home. Why would I somersault in the basement of the Talmage building, you ask? That's a very simple answer. Whenever you enter a basement (and especially if the basement is known for creepiness and torture) you ought to do a somersault. And that goes for all basements. The end.
Someday...years from now...as I go real-estate shopping for my first home, some neighborhood will be bombarded with basement somersaults...and some real-estate agent is going to get really freaked out.
3) I did all sorts of other things today, but those were the really cool ones. My life was filled with the regular coolness I emit. I had icecream today; I ate at the Olive Garden (which is a big jump from what I normally do); I even put earrings in. Whoa whoa whoa. I even did some homework (and fell asleep doing it). Ok. I've just realized that I did way too much for a Saturday. My life... Suddenly, everything is being questioned... Talmage building...

So happy January.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

nothing new

It's been a strange week. I've had no inspiration for this blog whatsoever. I usually have 10 ideas by Wednesday, but no luck this week. I have no idea what's going on with that side of my brain. It's like the new semester has zapped me of all will to write crazy stuff.
Well, it is true that I tend to only write when I'm stressed. I guess I'm not stressed (yet). Give me until Monday for me to realize that this semester is going to zap me of my life. Hooray for 3 day weekends!
Oh! Beautiful weekend coming up:
Friday night: Ward Ice skating Party/Social thing with pizza!
Saturday morning: Relief Society Temple Trip! (one resolution down)
Saturday afternoon: I think my roommates are kidnapping me for some DnD.
Saturday evening: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...yet.
Sunday: Well, it's Sunday. Sundays are just good in and of themselves because everything else gets pushed aside.
Monday: No School! If Martin Luther King were here, I'd high five him.

So. Yeah. I've been freewriting in my English class so it looks like I'm being studious, but really I'm not. My freewriting is kind of crazy, so here's a sample from the first day of class, word for word, character for character.

Good morning, beautiful. It is January the 9th, 2006 and I am in my first class of the semester. This will be the notebook for that class and my ramblings and writings in this class will be written here, upside down or sideways at the back of the book. Isn't that beautiful? I've done all types of errands today, love. I've boughten my books and gotten the name of my piano teacher and paid tuition, signed up for another class, dropped a class and gotten all ready for the day. I even packed a sandwich and an apple for lunch. Isn't that beautiful? And I've done some scripture reading. Sweetness, eh? Aye! That's what I think also. I am considering at the moment using a pencil instead of a pen. Maybe it could be better read, perhaps? Perhaps. I've noticed a trend in my English classes: when I have an opinion, I don't usually share it and usually it's a fairly productive opinion. I must remember, love. Tell yourself: your opinions are just as good as anyone else's.
Love, I believe that I'm the only math major in this entire room. It gives me a feeling of power. Beautiful power. Math is my God. Sort of. Really God is my God. But I am mathematics. Hear me roar.
It's blessed to just watch people mingle and interact. They aren't talking to me but that's because I'm sitting here writing. I'm "unapproachable." Hooray for writing. This perhaps, will be a difficult class, but I can rise to the occassion. I am mathematics. Hmm. A research paper assignment. Hm. math maybe? Oh. I wish.
This is an
English major class. tee hee. I feel like I'm a sheep in wolves clothing, hiding in a thicket of briars.
She intends to go poetry, drama, fiction. I'm ok with that.
Marlowe's Faust hmm
Verse to Spanish
of all the tongues: nymph, alien, or human
The one I chose, slavic, course: German.
Yesterday I realized that I can hold an intellectual conversation. I can recognize works and authors and hold a fine response. This is stemming from a
------------------------"Commentary for Dummies"----------------------------
conversation with Scott. He mentioned "Principia Mathematica" and then I exclaimed, "Newton's going down!"
What does a rho look like again?
I want to make math better.
on Fractals.
I feel so manly in this class.

This reads better if you leave out the "Commentary for Dummies" line. I wrote that in the middle of the page before I got around to writing on it. The professor was talking about how the text books were set up and that one would have an example commentary for us to read so that we know how to write a commentary. She mentioned it was like "Commentary for Dummies" and I was thinking more on the lines of "Commentary for English Majors" Oh I ought to be nicer, oughten't I? I've known a few English majors that aren't dummies, really. Honest, I have. I know that all English majors aren't dummies. It's just that so many are...

Ooh! Funny quote time! This is a direct quote from my English professor. You can tell she's in the English department just by reading it.
"I disagree with some of what he's saying, but I think he's right."
And then a guy in my English class had a beautiful way of starting a comment of his: "There's this EFY song..."
Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry. More funny English comments coming soon. We have all semester of the hilarity.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Alive and Well

This is just a post to let you know that I'm not dead.
I'm not dead.
Thank you.