Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cool things I did today.

When you have no more inspiration, you have to make it up. So today's post is a list of cool things I did today- in no particular order except that the number one spot is really the coolest thing I've done in over a year.
1) Did baptisms for the dead. I also learned that Provo temple is insanely busy. Because of the busy-ness of the temple, we did only 3 names each. Hooray for Relief Society temple trips, though. I got through about 8 chapters of Matthew while I was there. Good times were had by all.
2) Somersault in the basement of the Talmage building (the CS side). The basement of the Talmage building is one of those sections of campus, that if you aren't a geeky freak, you don't go there. I'm pretty geeky and pretty freaky, but not geeky enough to call that place my home. Why would I somersault in the basement of the Talmage building, you ask? That's a very simple answer. Whenever you enter a basement (and especially if the basement is known for creepiness and torture) you ought to do a somersault. And that goes for all basements. The end.
Someday...years from I go real-estate shopping for my first home, some neighborhood will be bombarded with basement somersaults...and some real-estate agent is going to get really freaked out.
3) I did all sorts of other things today, but those were the really cool ones. My life was filled with the regular coolness I emit. I had icecream today; I ate at the Olive Garden (which is a big jump from what I normally do); I even put earrings in. Whoa whoa whoa. I even did some homework (and fell asleep doing it). Ok. I've just realized that I did way too much for a Saturday. My life... Suddenly, everything is being questioned... Talmage building...

So happy January.

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  1. I watched Jared all day was the cool thing I did.


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