Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Missing in the Math Lab (part 2)

JACK BROWN...Continued from last November I know! I know! It's a little late. And by "little" I mean "very"

"I want to go over your research and check up on your thesis sometime, Jack. How's next Wednesday at four?"
"Sure. Sure."
"Good. I'll see you then." Dr. Moore smiled. "Looks like you have some papers to grade this weekend."
"Yeah." I fake a smile. That pile on my desk won't give up. It's even started to digest the carpet on the floor.
He leaves. I get up and grab my leftover spaghetti and take it to the microwave. My thoughts go to Miss Hendrickson. It's a shame that such a lovely woman should be so distraught.
I look at the clock. Two o'clock. I have a class at seven tonight. Now would be a good time to take a break and check out this "Math Lab."

The doors of the Math Lab are kept open. there are all kinds of papers on the windows. Need a tutor? Adopt a TA! Math Lab Hours M: 8-4 T-F: 8-9 S: 8-1. TA of the week!
There are signs hanging from the ceiling directing which tables are reserved for which classes. I step into the room and the heat takes over. No wonder they keep the doors open. There is a little room on the left with a couple of students in it. It looks quieter in there.
I start wondering around, bumping into a few students with blue vests on. Sitting down at an "Advanced Math" table, I prop my leg up and lean back, watching the students click their mechanical pencils and dusting eraser remains on my shoes.
There are rectangular vents spread throughout the room, and one has caught a girl's skirt. She struggles to move her chair in the cramped space.
There is a strange pounding noise coming through the vent.
"Hey." I try to catch that girl's attention. What's the noise from the vent?
"They're working down there. I don't know exactly."
"Down there?"
"Yeah. There's a basement."
"Oh. I guess that makes sense."
"What class are you in?"
"Oh. Um." I realized I must have looked strange, with my lack of book and paper. "I'm just hanging out in the Math Lab. For fun."
"Okay...You know, you'll find cuter girls in the Periodicals."
"So I hear." I decide that this conversation is over and I stand up to leave. "Yeah. I'll try there, I think."
It takes me a while to finally get out of the door. The Talmage building has comfortable benches in the foyer, so I rest my eyes there.
A basement, eh?

(to be continued...)

Ooh...And having nothing to do with Jack Brown, Petra, THE Petra from the 100 Hour Board commented on my blog. It's like a sign...or something. Well, in all, it's kind of cool. And Petra, I didn't mean anything of it all. It was just a good leap for an entry.

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