Thursday, January 12, 2006

nothing new

It's been a strange week. I've had no inspiration for this blog whatsoever. I usually have 10 ideas by Wednesday, but no luck this week. I have no idea what's going on with that side of my brain. It's like the new semester has zapped me of all will to write crazy stuff.
Well, it is true that I tend to only write when I'm stressed. I guess I'm not stressed (yet). Give me until Monday for me to realize that this semester is going to zap me of my life. Hooray for 3 day weekends!
Oh! Beautiful weekend coming up:
Friday night: Ward Ice skating Party/Social thing with pizza!
Saturday morning: Relief Society Temple Trip! (one resolution down)
Saturday afternoon: I think my roommates are kidnapping me for some DnD.
Saturday evening: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...yet.
Sunday: Well, it's Sunday. Sundays are just good in and of themselves because everything else gets pushed aside.
Monday: No School! If Martin Luther King were here, I'd high five him.

So. Yeah. I've been freewriting in my English class so it looks like I'm being studious, but really I'm not. My freewriting is kind of crazy, so here's a sample from the first day of class, word for word, character for character.

Good morning, beautiful. It is January the 9th, 2006 and I am in my first class of the semester. This will be the notebook for that class and my ramblings and writings in this class will be written here, upside down or sideways at the back of the book. Isn't that beautiful? I've done all types of errands today, love. I've boughten my books and gotten the name of my piano teacher and paid tuition, signed up for another class, dropped a class and gotten all ready for the day. I even packed a sandwich and an apple for lunch. Isn't that beautiful? And I've done some scripture reading. Sweetness, eh? Aye! That's what I think also. I am considering at the moment using a pencil instead of a pen. Maybe it could be better read, perhaps? Perhaps. I've noticed a trend in my English classes: when I have an opinion, I don't usually share it and usually it's a fairly productive opinion. I must remember, love. Tell yourself: your opinions are just as good as anyone else's.
Love, I believe that I'm the only math major in this entire room. It gives me a feeling of power. Beautiful power. Math is my God. Sort of. Really God is my God. But I am mathematics. Hear me roar.
It's blessed to just watch people mingle and interact. They aren't talking to me but that's because I'm sitting here writing. I'm "unapproachable." Hooray for writing. This perhaps, will be a difficult class, but I can rise to the occassion. I am mathematics. Hmm. A research paper assignment. Hm. math maybe? Oh. I wish.
This is an
English major class. tee hee. I feel like I'm a sheep in wolves clothing, hiding in a thicket of briars.
She intends to go poetry, drama, fiction. I'm ok with that.
Marlowe's Faust hmm
Verse to Spanish
of all the tongues: nymph, alien, or human
The one I chose, slavic, course: German.
Yesterday I realized that I can hold an intellectual conversation. I can recognize works and authors and hold a fine response. This is stemming from a
------------------------"Commentary for Dummies"----------------------------
conversation with Scott. He mentioned "Principia Mathematica" and then I exclaimed, "Newton's going down!"
What does a rho look like again?
I want to make math better.
on Fractals.
I feel so manly in this class.

This reads better if you leave out the "Commentary for Dummies" line. I wrote that in the middle of the page before I got around to writing on it. The professor was talking about how the text books were set up and that one would have an example commentary for us to read so that we know how to write a commentary. She mentioned it was like "Commentary for Dummies" and I was thinking more on the lines of "Commentary for English Majors" Oh I ought to be nicer, oughten't I? I've known a few English majors that aren't dummies, really. Honest, I have. I know that all English majors aren't dummies. It's just that so many are...

Ooh! Funny quote time! This is a direct quote from my English professor. You can tell she's in the English department just by reading it.
"I disagree with some of what he's saying, but I think he's right."
And then a guy in my English class had a beautiful way of starting a comment of his: "There's this EFY song..."
Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry. More funny English comments coming soon. We have all semester of the hilarity.

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