Friday, January 27, 2006

To the girl with the too-large of shoes

Note: This is my first attempt ever at free verse poetry. Give me a break.

I saw you on the way to class
with your ruffled skirt and pea coat
struggling in the snow.

Slush: clinging to the edges
of your oversized black heels,
slipping off the soles
as you clod along the street.

Clod along the street!
You have to! You must!
or else your Gucci pumps
would fly right off your feet.

I understand you plight,
to choose fashion over comfort,
but it's snowing for goodness sakes!
Put a real shoe on!
You're ridiculous!

Your clodding on the ground won't hide the fact that you are struggling just to keep your shoes on. Hey! If you wore real shoes with laces, you wouldn't have the problem.

Thank you.

*snap snap snap* and other various beatnik poetry sounds.
(insert bongo drums)

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