Monday, February 13, 2006

Sappy Poems from an Eighth Grade Girl

(because we were so misunderstood in middle school)

I was talking to McKay the other day and he mentioned reading that one poem of mine that I posted under "Sunday School." That one is pretty much the sappiest poem I ever wrote. Hooray for 8th grade poetry. So, I've decided that I've got enough sappy poetry that I could post another junior high wonder. Here we go!

To the Sir whom I will meet:

My sir-when you and I were young,
More young than we are now.
Far younger than the suckling babe
Or the newborn fattling cow

Before this earth was made by God
When dark and light were one.
We walked with cherubs of heaven
Where all the hues of love were one

I knew you then, we planned to meet
One day so we could walk
Again with cherubs in the sky
To sing and dance and gaily talk.

We parted each to our own ways
And left the heavens’ song
To be born on this mortal earth
Why must our parting be so long?

Good sir- do remember our oath!
And with each day renew
This promise we gave the other
My love, I say, be true! Be true!

Be wary! For the world would like
For you to lose your way.
Be courteous and gallant, chaste,
With honesty in all you say.

And I do hold to my good word:
I will stand in virtue,
Benevolence, integrity,
Love, I will save myself for you.

And if you didn't get the disclaimer above, I was in middle school when I wrote it. I was rather Molly Mormon-y for a while. What happened? No idea.

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  1. So I'm going to say, my dear, that 8th grade must be every Mormon girl's worst year for sappy poetry. I know it was mine, though I'm not going to be sharing any of it... but man, I'm glad I've found your blog! Brilliant.


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