Friday, February 10, 2006

to do list

So I haven't posted in a while, and that's because midterms are this week and next and I've been pretty busy.
So I was cleaning up the other day and I found this list. It was my to do list last semester when I was really stressed. I'm really not suicidal, but it makes me feel better to put it in a list.

To do:
clean room, go to store, go through notebooks
doresume and turn it in
do 315 homework
study 371- do 371 homework
do liny alg for next week
write essays for next week
read the BOM
work on theorem- check website and Forcades
die (hanging)
practice the piano
die again (jumping off of SWKT)
write "how to"
clean bathrooms
die once more (drowning)
go to bed
don't wake up
write to Grandma, Jared, Andrew
get caught up in the rapture
write thank you note for teacher recommendations
make cookies
run away to Vermont
write to Vermont
get in the way of the Cherubs guarding Eden
die by flaming sword

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