Monday, March 13, 2006

The Battle Hymn of the Republican

Ok. Warning. This is politcally fired. I didn't mean it to be. Megan was asking me if I knew any good war hymns and I said, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (insert a pause) "-an." And suddenly it dawned on me: I need to write up a Battle Hymn of the Republican.
Ok. It starts off anti conservative. I know I know. Actually, I don't mind the conservatism. I think it's good in some aspects. Of course, no political party has all the answers (nor do I think that combined, you'll find all the answers).
Anyway, here's the song. I will not say whether or not this reflects my own opinion. (I don't discuss what I vote for.) The stanzas just kind of fit, you know?

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the reigning GOP;
They are trampling out the little man (and will do it for a fee);
They are loose upon the country, with a few in the cities.
The WASPs go marching on.

Glory Glory Hallelujah.
Glory Glory Hallelujah.
44% of Hispanics* added to ya.
The WASPs go marching on.

Bush sounded for the trumpet, (though some called for retreat);
To march into the Middle East with bombs and added heat.
Now a little later, Saddam finally beat,
The WASPs go marching on.

But we can't forget the little things that we don't mind are right.
For pro-life, bearing arms, and lower taxes, they will fight.
Good on paper, but, oh well: No Child Left Behind.
The WASPs go marching on.

*Bush won 44% of the Hispanic vote in 2004.

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