Saturday, March 25, 2006


I've noticed that I haven't put anything cool up in a while. Sadly, I have nothing cool to say. I guess I could talk about my life; do you think that would be too self-centered?
My life consists of 3 (main) things: homework, research, engagement. Other things exist in my life, but my mind is mostly consumed by those. Homework isn't all that interesting. I had a huge test this week and I'm hoping that I did well on it. Actually, now that I think about it, that test is why I haven't written anything. All I did all week was study. Wow.
Research is going well. Forcade and I are going to start writing a paper after the semester ends. We'll do research until the end of the semester and then stop there and publish. Cool, huh?
Ok. Last thing: engagement.
First I want to address the quickness of my engagement. I know I have friends back at home that read this and are thinking, "She met him last August, started flirting/chatting last Thanksgiving, started dating in December and then got engaged in February? WHAT?! AND GETTING MARRIED THIS SUMMER?!"
It might seem fast, but really it wasn't. I never felt rushed at all. It all worked very well and fit very well. I didn't see myself married for another summer, but when the right one comes along, you oughtn't pass up the opportunity.
Plans and such: well, I bought the dress and slip and bra (they're all in my closet as I write this!). I still need my hat and all the reception stuff. We're going with the 1920s theme: prohibition and fedoras. And cool jazz music. And for those of you who think my fedora won't match my dress, well, you're wrong. I can pull it off. I can pull anything off. WATCH ME.
We chose colors (deep purple with turquoise accent) and it'll be in August. The two most likely dates are August 29(30, maybe?) or early August around 8/9 or maybe even 15/16. Ok. That's more than 2 dates. I have it seperated in my head as late August and early August. That's why I said 2. It depends on school and such and research.
Well, that's it for now. I'll write something interesting later. Honest.

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