Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Everything I did last week that I've never done before:

  • gave a lecture to math people
  • had limade
  • drove McKay's car
  • do all of my homework on time
  • skipped class this semester (it was D&C)
  • bought more than $5 from the vending machines in a day
  • returned 2 books to the library in one week
  • scream on command
  • finished reading the Princess Bride to McKay
  • cuddled with Jacob (McKay's roommate, and it was innocent, honest. In fact he was the one cuddling with me)
  • broke up with Jacob
  • wrote McKay 5 love notes
  • received 4 love notes from McKay
  • bought my wedding dress
  • bought a bra at Victoria's Secret
  • did my own taxes
  • curled my hair with warm curlers
  • wore pigtails (well, first time since 2nd grade)
  • received a real diamond ring from a boy (I've never worn a real diamond before)
  • had a migraine that only lasted one day
  • made broccoli casserole
And that's about it. It was an exciting week, it was.

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