Friday, May 26, 2006


I believe in pencils. I really do. Pencils just might be the most wonderful writing utensils on the face of the planet. Of course, I'm going to be picky about my pencils and request that the pencil be wooden. I don't believe in mechanical pencils. As far as I'm concerned, they do not exist.
Wooden pencils are about the experience. The feel of the wood, the colors of the cartoon frogs so nonchalantly painted on, the rubberyness of the eraser, the smudges on the side of your hand, and, most importantly, the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil.
That smell...that brings you back, don't you think? To second grade, to math team competitions in highschool. Yesiree, you can get quite nostalgic over a pencil. I know I do. I think that from now on, until I die, I shall never buy a mechanical pencil. It is blatantly wrong to allow your hand to be smudged without the smell of pine. I also do not think I shall ever buy a pen, unless of course I need to write checks. I will use pen only for forms and never for math or writing. With a pencil, you can get lost in the moment. You cannot do that with a pen, so unforgiving to pressure and shading. Yes. I say, wooden pencils with a little pink (or orange or green or well, any color) eraser have a beautiful place in my heart and pencil jar.
And of course, you don't need a pocket protector for pencils. It's amazing! Wow. That just blows my mind.

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