Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's a real job. For real.

During the last post, I mentioned that I have a real job now.
I can give you more reasons why it's realy besides the cubicle.

  1. We had a meeting with the people who are funding us and I went to an official lunch with the said people.
  2. I took home 4 manilla folders yesterday so that I could work while McKay made dinner. There's a role reversal if I never saw one. I wasn't very happy with it either. Frankly, I'd rather be cooking than going through patents.
  3. The department is sending me to Park City for 4 days in July for a training class. Imagine that: a business trip.
So now we've concluded one thing: I have a real job. It's ok. It's not my favorite, but we've had this deadline with this paper for these people. At least it's been extended to the end of June, right?

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