Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I wrote letters to my US Senators of Illinois today concerning the Marriage Protection Amendment asking them to advocate the motions towards this amendment. I feel like sharing it now:

Senator --------,
Thank you for representing the people of Illinois. I'm from Cary, a suburb of northwest Chicago, and am currently going to school in Utah.
I am writing to ask you to ratify the motions towards the Marriage Protection Amendment.
First, I feel that it is appropriate to protect marriage in general. Chicagolandmarriage.org states, "Children of single parents are more likely to engage in high-risk relationships and high-risk behaviors at an earlier age, than children raised by a married mother and father.... Over one-third of all cohabiting relationships involve children. These children are at greater risk to be physically and/or sexually abused, and they are more likely to repeat the high risk relationship behaviors of their parent(s)." Promoting marriage is essential for the welfare of future generations.
Second, we need to protect the traditional man/woman marriage relationship. Children need to be born into a family with both a father and a mother, and to do that, well, they need to be born. The male and female are meant to complement each other, a yin and a yang. It creates balance for the family as each parent brings a different perspective to the table. Marriage is, and has historically and culturally been, between a man and a woman and this is essential for society. The structure of society is built on the smaller units of family and families are the product of marriages between men and women. If we are going to improve society, we are going to need to improve and protect marriage.
If marriage is no longer protected as between a man and woman, else, what is it then? Being loose about this matter diminishes the importance and sacredness of marriage. Marriage is not simply a civil agreement, but it is a promise between man and a woman and God to take care of each other, to promote love and friendship, and to bring children into this world. Are these not good things? Are these not things that Illinois and the United States needs to stand for? Please be an advocate for this amendment. Please be an advocate for a solid future for Illinois and America.
Thank you, and I trust that you will make a good decision concerning this issue,
and my name went here.

That's all I have to say for the moment. There may be more politically-angled posts in the future, but I will not stop writing on miscellaneous topics. I promise that.

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