Friday, June 16, 2006


On my google homepage, there was a link to this article. It made me start wondering about my own age.
I'm only 20. That's not old, but I'm no longer a kid or a teenager. In fact, this August, I'll no longer be single and I'll have my own family. I'm also two years into my undergraduate degree, hoping to graduate either next April or August and going onto my master's. I work and go to school; the care-free days that I used to enjoy in the summer are now 40-hour work weeks. I also have great financial responsibilities. I've spent more in May and June than I've ever planned to spend in 4 months (well, I do plan small and a lot is wedding stuff: McKay's band, the plane tickets, our deposit for our apartment in the fall, and also school: tuition, room, etc). I've decided, though, that I'm never spending money again. Except for rent. And tuition. And food. And insurance. And. And. And.

Anyway, about the article: There were suggestions in that article that I should probably do. For example, looking for activities in the community. I should do that; Provo library probably has stuff I could do; the newspapers should, also. Of course, I can't do a lot of those things (e.g. get a Provo library card) until I become an official Provo resident- which should be in the fall when I have to update my last name and change my Driver's license to Utah...sad day.

But anyway, from here on out, I have to do adult things. I might as well be involved, eh?


  1. What's McKay's band?

  2. Wedding "band", do I feel dumb.

  3. nah. it's ok. I should have said "ring"


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