Monday, June 19, 2006

when you are attached... should stop kissing other people.

And I know that. You really should stop kissing other people. Things happen. Like jealousy. And confusion.

Last night at ward prayer, I was with McKay and I was looking around for Carolyn. She wasn't there, but Scott was there. During the song, he was just sitting there on the ground looking lonely.
And I wanted to kiss him. Not romantically, mind you- I'm very happy with McKay, but as a friend, because he was just sitting there, dejected.

I must explain a little bit, I suppose. I like kissing people. I've kissed, oh I don't know how many people: Megan, Carolyn, Jennie, and scores of others. It's something I feel is very nice. I wrote something up about it once, but I can't find it on my blog. It must be on my computer; I'll search for it and post it tonight or tomorrow. Then, perhaps, this will make more sense.

Any way, Scott showed up at our door last night to read scriptures and I kissed him. He's getting married in a week and a half; maybe I shouldn't do that so much.

Personally, I feel that people ought to be closer to each other. I think that touching a person reminds you that they are a person and not some tree you pass by on the street. I try to encourage this by giving high-fives in my Relief Society lessons to everyone that participates. People are physically real; there's nothing wrong with a little physical contact (and I'm speaking completely Platonically, of course).

Anyway, I'll find that thing I wrote and post it. There's a good story with it.

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