Friday, July 21, 2006

Career choices

So this past week, I've been in Park City for my chemical engineering job. It was a short course on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. It's not a bad topic, but I won't lie, there were times when I was falling asleep. The purpose of me going was to help me have a better understanding of Fischer-Tropsch. I wouldn't say that the trip fulfilled that for me, but I did gain one thing: a better understanding of my graduate school choices. I'm definately going to have to look into


Mathematical modelling, that is. I've realized that mathematicians are needed pretty much everywhere and I could do that. It's not that hard. Model this, model that. "Make sure the models are physically realistic" -quote from the Short Course notes. I can do that!

People will ask me what I do in graduate school and I could say, "I model mathematical dynamic systems for XY&Z Inc." Or I could just leave off the last part of that sentence.

Most anticipated conversation for the month of August. It will take place in McKay and I's new family ward. We will be asked to give talks and I, as the girl, will be expected to say something about us.
"McKay and I are going to BYU. McKay's a computer science major and will go to grad school in (insert whatever he's thinking about-he keeps changing his mind) and I'm a math major and for grad school, I'll be going into modelling."

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