Monday, July 10, 2006

Vending Machine Jackpot

I have a confession to make: I push vending machine buttons too long. Let me tell you why:
Back in Cary, in the high school teacher's lounge, there is a certain sequence of buttons that, when you hold down the last one, instead of just dropping a single candy bar out, the screw will just keep spinning until you stop holding it.
I've never come across a vending machine that does that since, but every time I get something from the vending machines, I always hold the last button down just in case. Maybe someday, I'll come across a vending machine with the same technical glitch. I'm guessing, chances are, there is another one out there. It just depends on my chances of finding one.
Vending machine road trip anyone? We'll scour the nation's vending machines looking for the loose buttons. No vending machine button will be left un-pushed. No payphone slot will be left with so much as a nickel in it! (I'd say penny, but payphones don't take pennies)

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  1. Choose a single gumball machine or models with two or three machines in one, but do not ever put more than three machines in one location. All you have to do now for buying a stamp is go to the your local post office, even if it is closed, and put your money in the stamp vending machine.
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