Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's a blessing. I know it.

I have low blood pressure (80/65). It's got to be a blessing, it just doesn't seem like one. My low blood pressure likes to get in the way sometimes.

  • I lost my vision on Cedar Point's Millenium Force for a good 20 seconds. I wanted to go back one and ride with without losing my vision, but my dad didn't think it was a good idea.
  • When I give blood, they always warn me "You have low blood pressure; you know that right?" "Oh yeah. That's completely normal for me" "Okay...here we go!" And then I have to eat cookies for half an hour. Hey! That is a blessing!
  • I lose my vision when I stand up too quickly.
Well, I only mention this because I lost my peripheral vision (on the left) for about 15-20 minutes yesterday. Not so bad. On the good side, I've never passed out in my life. Hooray for not locking my knees!

Carolyn's warned me, though, to be careful at my wedding. She said she and Scott did some sealings for the dead before they did their own. She ended up passing out because of the kneeling. She said the scene went down like this:

Carolyn passes out.
"Not another one"
"Get the orange juice"

So it looks like it's not uncommon. I hope I get orange juice! or I hope I don't pass out. If I pass out, I want some orange juice. Hooray!

Also on another strange topic, Scott says when he first met me, he mentioned me in his journal that day. He wrote that I was "fractally weird" that "if you looked at the weirdness at one part, it would be as weird as the whole." Thanks, Scott.


  1. Low Blood pressure is pretty common. My mother and I both have it and I know countless other people who do. I have the exact same symptoms as you. It's not the bestest of things however as I've passed out :(

  2. Ha ha ha! This is us! I love reading really old entries and remembering stuff.


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