Tuesday, August 29, 2006

strange dream

I had a strange dream last night. It happened in a series, each section broken up by my waking up and going back to sleep. I only write it here because it was so strange and I remember it well.

Section one: The woods.
I was at a place where there were nice cabins and a very woody area. I got there by flying, but I don't remember if it was a helicopter or plane. The society was, at that time, such that there was a dictator who was systematically killing people who did not fit in his plans. Throughout the dream, I call him Hitler, even though he isn't the actualy Hitler from World War II; his plans were similar. I knew that this was going on, and I was planning on hiding in the woods because I didn't want to die. There was a lady, short and round, with a skirt and glasses, who was one of Hitler's underlings and she was searching for me in the woods. I found a bunny and told him about my hiding. He said he'll hide with me and we went into the woods to hide. We hid successfully as the lady passed by and didn't see us.

Section two: randomly acted killings
I am now driving in a vehicle (I don't remember car or van). I am on a freeway and there are other people in the vehicle (I don't remember who). The traffic is moderate. Suddenly, random cars' windshields go into flames, including mine. I was able to put the fire out (the fire on my windshield was smaller than other cars' and in the dream, I knew that it was because I had been in the woods previously). Other vehicles were not as lucky and burst into flame. Thousands of people died. I knew in my dream, that this was the work of Hitler, who had, with this fire, targeted certain people. The target for this was people who had the priesthood. I can't explain why my car was targeted, as I don't have the priesthood, but I know that was the target group of that killing.

Section three: Deported
I am now in my house in Cary with my family. This whole thing takes place in the future and there is a kind of computer that, when given a person's name, will give information such as height, weight, longitude and latitude of current location. It also gave other various information from time to time. My family is in the family room and I am in the kitchen. I decide to look up my own name. On my screen, it gives time for my deportion: in 2 minutes. Deportion was the name for being chosen to be taken away on an airplane and never seen again. People who were deported were chosen to be sent away by Hitler. I have two minutes to hide before they will show up at my house to take me away. I run out of time and they are at the door. I am panicking in the kitchen, running back and forth, trying to think of someplace to hide, but it is useless. The lady from the woods comes in along with Ali and Greg that I knew from highschool. Note: Ali and Greg and very good people and wouldn't do this in real life; this was just a dream. Well, they tell me I'm to be deported. I ask why and they say that someone they were interviewing gave my name away as a person who did not believe that the world Hitler had made was the best of all possible worlds. I say, "I believe in the truth and that's not the truth." So they go to take me away and I get on them about being on the wrong side. I know they joined Hitler's forces because they thought they'd be safer and less likely to be deported. I cite the random attacks and state that no one's safe and there have been just as many casualties on Hitler's side caused by Hitler as on the other side. Neither side is safe, so just go with the right one. They ignore me and take me and I wake up.

Section 4: the resistance.
So this time, I'm in an apartment with 2 other girls I don't know. We've formed a rebellion (I don't know how I got away from the deportion, but whatever). We are monitoring Hitler's actions. It just so happens that at that moment, we were found out and the lady from the forest and Hitler come in the door. I check my name on the computer and it says I have 3 hours to live. I know that if I'm caught this will be true, but if we can get rid of Hitler, I won't die. I then check Hitler's name and it states that he will die in 3 minutes of food allergies. This is when I decide that we ought to feed him everything we have and hope he dies from it. Anyway, he's coming into our apartment and we're dodging him and the lady and they have us pinned. I take some food and offer it to Hitler and he eats and dies.

So yes. That was my weird dream last night. It probably doesn't mean anything at all, but it was exciting.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Forget the Terrorists!

Here's a frontpage story you want to read. It's in today's Daily Universe. And suddenly, you realize that people are crazy.

I highlighted the main part of the story so you get the gist right away.

And let's hope my own wedding goes smoothly. Ha ha! Kidnapping!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A conclusion is the place where you get tired of thinking.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's a blessing. I know it.

I have low blood pressure (80/65). It's got to be a blessing, it just doesn't seem like one. My low blood pressure likes to get in the way sometimes.

  • I lost my vision on Cedar Point's Millenium Force for a good 20 seconds. I wanted to go back one and ride with without losing my vision, but my dad didn't think it was a good idea.
  • When I give blood, they always warn me "You have low blood pressure; you know that right?" "Oh yeah. That's completely normal for me" "Okay...here we go!" And then I have to eat cookies for half an hour. Hey! That is a blessing!
  • I lose my vision when I stand up too quickly.
Well, I only mention this because I lost my peripheral vision (on the left) for about 15-20 minutes yesterday. Not so bad. On the good side, I've never passed out in my life. Hooray for not locking my knees!

Carolyn's warned me, though, to be careful at my wedding. She said she and Scott did some sealings for the dead before they did their own. She ended up passing out because of the kneeling. She said the scene went down like this:

Carolyn passes out.
"Not another one"
"Get the orange juice"

So it looks like it's not uncommon. I hope I get orange juice! or I hope I don't pass out. If I pass out, I want some orange juice. Hooray!

Also on another strange topic, Scott says when he first met me, he mentioned me in his journal that day. He wrote that I was "fractally weird" that "if you looked at the weirdness at one part, it would be as weird as the whole." Thanks, Scott.