Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Death of a Wedding Dress

(or the breathing of life back into it)

Tonight, Kathy is coming over to buy my wedding dress. I had her try it on a couple of weeks ago and she loved it, and after going dress shopping last Saturday, she's decided that mine's the best and I've got great taste. I'll agree with her on that one. And I just earned +2 conceitedness points.

Anyway, I've received a lot of mixed reactions from people about selling the dress. Melissa was very surprised. She said her mom kept hers and she'll probably do that, also. My mom kept hers, but I've never seen it as it's in a box and she claims it has yellowed out.

Also, my sister is upset and wanted me to keep the dress for her to wear; oh well. It'd be nice to wear the same dress, but I'm a big fan of individualism. And also, I don't want to carry a wedding dress around for the next few years on the offchance it'll stay in style and she'll be my size. And those are the exact reasons I don't keep it for my daughters (if I have any, I might just have boys, who knows?)

Carolyn's dress was sealed very securely (and without her notice--she wanted to keep the shoes, but they sealed those, too). She says all you can see is that it's white fabric and that's all (her dress was very simple and non-ornamental because that's how she is)- not very exciting.

This reminds me of my mom's Barbies. I was never allowed to play with them, but she had them, nevertheless, in her closet. They are probably worth something now and my late great-uncle offered to buy them once from her, but she still has them. My philosophy is this: toys are toys, wedding dresses are wedding dresses. Toys should be played with and wedding dresses should be worn at weddings. Neither should be left in a closet with the small chance of getting them out someday. It's not like you can carry them to your grave, anyway. What would I need a wedding dress for in the eternities anyway? I'll have the perfect body, and my dress probably won't fit me anyways.

So really, I'm glad my wedding dress will be useful to someone else. I don't need it, but if Kathy can have a wonderful day in it, all the better.


  1. You forgot to mention the added benefit and plus of moolah!

    As for me, I kept mine because I am in love with it, but mostly because if I do have daughters or grand-daughters, they can have the fabric. That way size isn't an issue, but it's something special to carry on... they could completely redesign it or make an entirely new dress out of it (heck, there's enough of it to go around and then some).

    But I agree with your reasoning.

  2. I should have let you play with the barbies, huh? I regret that. I also have Rick and Lori's frog puppets that they rarely played with. I've decided that when Rick comes home for Spring Break the frogs are coming out and staying out. Toys are toys. I wonder what my wedding dress looks like. It only cost $50 so I don't think I lost out on much by having it in a box all these years.

  3. I love that you passed on your dress for someone else to love! I lent my veil to a friend and it made me so appy that she enjoyed it too. I do plan to keep my dress for my daughter but my family are all keepers of sentimentality. My daughter is named for her great-great-grandmother and we have her shawl and quilt and silver spoon. I hope my daughter enjoys these treasures!


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