Friday, February 23, 2007

I win!

My lifelong dream of finding a faulty vending machine has come true. Last Friday, with 50 cents to my name, I held a button long enough that 2 ice creams vended.
They said it was impossible...
They said it couldn't be done...
"They" are/is McKay.
"Maybe it'd work for mechanical machines, but not the computerized ones on campus," he said.
How wrong was he? I have two empty popsicle sticks that say otherwise.

And now he knows the truth. In fact, I showed him how to do it. He went to the Talmage, swiped his card, chose ChocoTaco, and held the button...

And it worked! And the great thing is not only did it work, but it worked on an icecream that I hadn't chosen last week...this may mean that no icecream in that vending machine is safe!

I win! Computers:0 me: 2 icecreams!

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