Sunday, February 25, 2007


You meet the family, get married, do laundry together, but what really makes you a wife?

Slipped under our door, I found an invitation: the invitation that makes me a real American wife:

Pampered Chef party.

Haha! Someone invited me to a buy-things party. My mom goes to those, your mom goes to those, and now I do. And I'm getting myself a baking stone!


  1. Oh no, you're mistaken! You're not a real American wife until you've actually hosted and/or taught at a buy-things party! Ha, take that!

    As for Pampered chef, I like their olive oil spray container, just my suggestion. Have fun and make nice with the other wifeys!

  2. ps- just how would one correctly spell an incorrect spelling of wife, in the plural sense? hmmmm....


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