Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Real Reason we have husbands

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

5:00pm McKay and I drive home from Brick Oven.
4:40pm McKay and I now own a blue balloon animal in the shape of a cougar.
4:20-4:30pm We wait for the "it'll be ready in 1-2 minutes" spinach-avocado dip appetizer.
4:15pm I spill root beer float.
4:10pm We count the number of strings of lights that aren't on in the dining room.
4:00pm Out the door
3:45pm McKay suggests we go out to dinner.
3:30pm McKay opens the car door for me.
3:21-3:28pm We notice and discuss the little shops along University Ave.
3:20pm I meet McKay in the crosswalk right in the middle of 400 North.
3:18pm I spy McKay!
3:12pm The elevator speaks to me with a woman's voice "Main Floor", and I head outside.
3:10pm I discover how "great and spacious" the building of Wells Fargo on 100 North is during a search for the bathroom and note the possible exits.
3:00pm I get off the phone with McKay
2:50pm I call McKay, but don't reach him, I try again 5 minutes later.
2:45pm I listen to the conversation next to me between the teller and customer, "and then I was, 'you have HOW many nurseries in your ward?' 'Yeah I completely understand. My wife and I just bought a house, before we even had a job out here and...'"
2:40pm I wait for the teller at the bank to order some checks for us. He's looking up somebody else's account and asks one of the other tellers to "check out this account."
2:35pm I give my ID to the bank teller, realizing I'm wearing the same shirt that I wore at the DMV.
2:31pm I am slightly weirded out.
2:30pm A man with white hair and a pony tail passes by me in front of Wells Fargo, telling me to "smile because you look gorgeous today".
2:28pm I try to reach down the crack in the car window.
2:26pm I realize I locked myself out of the car.

And that is why we have husbands.

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