Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Powers

Inspired by this question, I will now discuss my super power options.

If I had a superpower...

Practical things:
Super math skills- winning millions!
Cloning myself so I can get more things done.
A dishwasher.
Super Charm: Everybody would have to love me even if they didn't want to. Somehow the irony is beautiful.

Wishful things:
Flying. And if I could fly, I wouldn't need teleportation, because flying would be so much more fun.
Super strength (so I could break dance)
Super speed
Super memory (no more need for computers!)
Super "inventability" (then I could make teleportation stalls (see below))
Flexibility (like Elastigirl)
Control over gravity. Oh! Too many beautiful ideas! It'd be hilarious (bam! Everyone is floating!) and practical (prevent wrinkles as I get older). And who hasn't wanted to float, really?

Things I didn't mention and why:
Teleportation. When I was younger, I thought it would be a good idea to install teleportation stalls in bathrooms. You'd go into the stall, chose which bathroom you'd like to zap to and show up in another teleportation stall. It would have made getting around school nicer in high school. Bathrooms are everywhere, so chances are, there is one near where you'd like to be. Okay! It was a crazy idea, but you'd save hundreds on gas and airline tickets. Well, if we could make teleportation stalls, I wouldn't need the superpower.
Super wealth (like Batman). I intend to have this someday :) so it doesn't go under wishful.

Superpowers I'd like McKay to have:
Telepathic abilities. It'd be so much easier if he could read my mind.
Actually, every other thing I thought of for him goes under telepathy. Maybe it'd be cool if he had telekinetics abilities. If we forgot something at home, we wouldn't have to go back and get it. That would be pretty sweet.

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