Friday, February 09, 2007

what don't you know about me?

So Beth tagged me and I'm supposed to let you know 5 things about me that you don't already know. That's great because the people who read my blog (besides my parents) are people who've either met me and don't know a lot about me or people who've never met me. So 5 things, eh?

  1. Shoe size: between 5-6, wide (WIDE)
  2. Favorite hymn: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Hymn 72 in the standard LDS hymnal)
  3. Middle name: Renee
  4. Favorite TV series: Firefly (Shiny!)
  5. Favorite book: Alcott's Little Women
Oh. So you think I took the easy way out, eh? Not very interesting you say? You got me, I am probably the most uninteresting person you'll meet.

So for real:
  1. When I was in second grade and I first saw a model of the gravitational fields around the sun and planets in the Solar System, I decided that the universe is really 2-dimensional, but because the plane that is the universe was so twisted up on itself, it appeared to be 3-dimensional. I used to try to walk the same way to and from the class room/home/playground to make sure that I wasn't the one responsible for twisting up the plane. I would swing at recess watching the other students play tag and think, "They're twisting up the plane! They aren't going to know how to undo it!"
  2. I have always wanted to be good at sculpting. I was terrible in art class in junior high, but I'd like to learn. Particularly, I'd like to do a paper sculpture of Christ's millennial return. I'd also like to sculpt like Helaman Ferguson. Also, I'd like to come up with algorithms like Dr. Ferguson (he and Dr. Forcade, my advisor/mentor, created the Ferguson-Forcade algorithm, named one of the top ten algorithms of the twentieth century by SIAM). Anyway, this summer I plan on taking a sculpture class to try it out again.
  3. I do a lot of things that people wouldn't have thought I would do. Many examples: I was a vegetarian for a month, I've eaten ice cream off a plate, and I was in the Miss Teen of Illinois Pageant summer 2002. That's all I'm going to say about that.
  4. I dream every night, and they are always strange dreams. Ask McKay sometime; I tell him all my crazy dreams. Also, ask him why he prefers waffles to babies.
  5. I don't like doctors. I dread getting pregnant and having to go to a doctor on a regular basis. In fact, I'd rather just do an unassisted birth at home. And by unassisted, I mean NO ONE ALLOWED. I've already told McKay that if I go into labor, I'll call him at work once it's over. He'll walk in the door and I'll go, "Hey McKay! Look who I found! You won't believe where they were hiding" hahaha! Oh so beautiful.
So I'm supposed to tag people now. I'll get back to you on that. The thing is, all my friends from home don't use Blogger; they use inferior methods called xanga or myspace or live journal. I could tag them with those I suppose. I just have to decide now...

(days later....)
I tag Emily! And Cheryl! Amanda! (Two more coming soon). For those who have been tagged, come up with 5 things we don't know about you and post them and tag 5 more people.

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  1. Heather, I am so glad you decided to go along and play the game! Sweet!

    Ok, so first off, I LOVE Firefly and at least once a month I get upset that they (mostly SciFi channel) didn't try harder to keep it or pick it up and make it work. Especially since they keep coming up with lame "A" shows (Battlestar excluded).

    Secondly, I beg to differ that you're the most uninteresting person I have yet to meet! I'm always blown away by your intelligence and wit, from what I read!

    And thirdly, I don't necessarily hate doctors (although I disagree with them often), but I do HATE dentists. Anyway, the whole thought of having a baby without my husband around, is a little scary to me... but the greeting dialogue, "Look who I found! You won't believe where they were hiding" is almost worth the risk!

    Thanks for writing, and thanks for reading this here novel of mine!


    ps- as for who to tag next, it doesn't have to be a fellow blogspotter... so tag, tag away!


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