Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Learn to use a computer.

Three times this month, I've emailed people, not using my own email accounts.
Three times this month, I've found access to these accounts without their knowing.
Three times this month, I've come to a computer to find that people don't understand Macintosh computers.

Ok. Brief lesson: When you click the "x" on a program whilst on a Macintosh computer, it DOES NOT close the program. It closes the window, but the program is still open, working in the background. What does this mean? It means, when you are using a web browser, you are not automatically logged out of everything when you click the "x". If you depend on the computer to log you out of your email accounts, you will NOT be logged out.

Frankly, people just don't realize how much they put themselves at risk. This is not the only way I've gotten people's information. At the beginning of the semester, I found 2 add/drop cards. These show email addresses, ID numbers, and the times of classes you will be at (or are trying to be at). If I were a stalker, I'd have a lot of information.

Now, you are probably saying. Wow, what was that first line of this post? "Three times this month, I've emailed people, not using my own email accounts?" You get their accounts and play with it?

No. I'm not creepy like that. Just creepy enough that they (hopefully) do better next time. I send them an email from themselves saying, "Hey you didn't log out and now I have access to your account and this email is proof, be more aware next time." I don't actually use their accounts for anything malicious.

People, all too often, leave too much information out there. I probably do it too, though sometimes I actually want people to know where I am (e.g. Women's Day Demonstration).

In all: Learn how to use the computer you are on. If you are going to use a superior operating system (like OSX), you need to have superior awareness and knowledge of the system and how it works. Don't leave yourself vulnerable.

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