Friday, March 23, 2007

Perspectives on Eternity

I just got out of a strange conversation. It's been a while since I've run into someone with a different view of the eternities than myself and so, I'd like to explain my view to everyone. I don't know the someone's name, only that he was a double major in math and economics, so from here on out, his name is going to be...Ben. Ben is a good, fairly neutral name. So onto a rant, because you like those.

I feel that the eternities are going to be pretty close to what we are now experiencing, minus pain, suffering, temptation, and all other bad stuff. In fact, I'd go so far as to say we'd even eat in the eternities. Ben, however, was VERY against eating in the eternities. His points (and they are fine points) are that we won't have bodies of flesh and blood, so we aren't going to require food, and that we wouldn't just eat for fun because that's a lust of the natural man, which we will have put off. I understand his point, but I feel differently.

Eating is very good. I like some foods for their texture (enchiladas definately go into that category) or their tastes (ice cream!) or both (cake). I do not eat just because I have to eat to keep myself alive, but because I enjoy eating. There are situations that I find myself in (e.g. parties), where I'll eat a piece of cake that isn't necessary for my survival. This may constitute as gluttonous, but I would disagree. I eat a piece of cake, not the whole cake. Cake is something I enjoy, like I would enjoy art: I enjoy textures and colors in art as I would enjoy textures and tastes in food, and I like experiencing both. Now, I know that God promotes creativity (hence, his own creation), and that art is a very worthwhile endeavor and I don't think that art will be outlawed in heaven. And so I don't think that food will be outlawed in heaven.

In general, I feel that everything good will be in heaven. This includes (but is definitely not limited to) the following: cake, trampolines, family, music, art, physical intimacy (under lawfully married circumstances, of course), Dr. Suess' ABC book, hopscotch, calculus, and balloons.

And just so you all know. I have dibs on making a planet of lemon trees and sugar cane and lots of fresh water. You can all come over and we'll have a lemonade party. Actually, it wouldn't be that hard to genetically engineer the sugar cane to produce citric acid and taste like lemons... Hmm... Maybe I'll just need lemon-flavored sugar cane...

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  1. I sure hope we eat in heaven!!! Dang straight I'm voting for that proposition!

    ps- my sweet potato is prettier than your onion... sorry, better luck next time. :P


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