Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Soap boxin' it

You may ask my friends (ah, the few I have) and they'll all say the same thing, "She likes a soap box." In fact, I'll just go out and say it: I like a soap box.

But you will notice, I don't really use this space for said boxes. This space is more of a shoe box than a soap box: larger, holds more things, doesn't necessarily smell nice.

What I'm trying to say here that I leave a lot of my life out of this space: personal opinions*, views, philosophies. I read some of my friends' blogs and they don't leave this out. And after much thought, I've decided to open my blog to that. The reasons I hadn't really before is because, well, my belief system is rather radical and I didn't want people to not read my blog because they were offended or other varieties of excuses. But I don't not read other people's blogs for those reasons, so I guess you're all going to deal with it.

Things I will comment on: religion. My religion is so much a part of my life, I can't not mention it. It's part of everything I do, and by not having it in the blog, you aren't getting a huge chunk of my life.
Things I will still not comment on: politics. I will not endorse anyone on my blog. Politics are so ridiculous anyway. Especially lately. Although one comment on politics: Why do we expect politicians to be perfect when we definatley aren't? The "ideal politician" (in any office) is a person who grew up in a little bubble, did nothing wrong growing up, and graduated top of the class at an Ivy League school. If a person didn't do this, then they will have a problem running for office. If we are going to expect our leaders to be clean cut, clean record, clean shaven(?), then we need to expect that of the rest of the country, too. And so ends my political rant.

*Ok. You do get some of my personal opinions (i.e. I don't like doctors), but not personal opinions, opinions about things that are dear and close to me.

PS. It's pi day!


  1. Happy pi day!!!

    I'm liking the new color scheme! Is this what you were working on before, the one that McKay liked better? I must concur and admit that it's pretty snazzy!

  2. PS- soap boxes smell WAY better than shoe boxes... just a thought...


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