Friday, March 16, 2007


After Beth decided that I'm purple, McKay and I got into a conversation about people and their colors. I think people/personalities have definite colors. Also, I think school subjects have colors (although that may be due to color coding folders in elementary school).

People who have colors (to me):
McKay: Leaf Green
Dad: Midnight Blue
Mom: Cerulean
Rick: Burgundy
Lori: Purple
Jared: Scarlet
Carolyn D.: Yellow
Scott D.: Burgundy
Melissa M.: Pale Blue
Megan B.: Spring Green

Pretty much everyone has a color, but if I were write up the list, it'd take me a while. If you want to know what color you are to me, let me know and I'll tell you. Not that it's very interesting. As for myself, I don't give myself a color, as I can't see myself in 3rd person very well (my downfall as a performer).

This also made me think of synesthesia. I don't think I have synesthesia, but my color/personality thing may be a little along those lines. Frankly, I think everyone has interesting associations. For example, I can definitely link feelings/moods with months of the year. I love the October mood. Mmm. It's like mini butterflies of excitement.


  1. Oooh, ooh, I want to know MY color!!! And I LOVE October (in case you didn't catch that on my blog, from months and months ago, in October)!!!

    Oh, and my friend's dad has color synesthesia. Consequently, he's real good at computer stuff...

  2. Beth, Beth, Beth. You are a pale blue, like baby blue.

  3. Really? Interesting... now, what pattern am I (plaid/polka dots/solid, etc.)?

  4. Jared is not scarlet, Rick is not burgundy, Lori is not purple, and Mom is not Cerulean. Jared is green, Lori is black or red, Mom is green and Rick is white or light blue.

  5. Mom, It doesn't go by favorite color. It goes by the color I see you as. It's different. And how is Rick light blue? :)


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