Tuesday, March 13, 2007

want to

I really want to post something, but I don't know what. Lots have been going on, but nothing really important . We have pictures up on our blog. Yesterday I've run the farthest I ever have since I've started running (and I hadn't run since last Wednesday). I still don't enjoy running. I tried to map out a route beforehand that would force me to run along busy streets (the peer pressure keeps me from stopping to walk), except that I hate busy streets and prefer the peaceful residential ones. Also, I was running right by the middle school when school let out. Munchkins everywhere.
We made fudge yesterday so we could use our new serving plate. I should take more pictures of things. The fudge was great. We also used our new nut chopper to chop the walnuts! That might have been the best part of the whole day.

<---mysterious playback-->

Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Saturday night, whilst looking for a new casserole dish.

McKay: Too bad we can't find a nut chopper like your parents have.

Suddenly, the heavens open and choirs of angels sing as a light descends upon the shelf right in front of me.

Me: Oh, you mean this?

<--mysterious forward to today-->

I love our nut chopper. Handiest thing ever. It even has measurements on the side so you know how many cups of nuts you've chopped.

Anyway, the weekend was pretty productive. McKay took me on a real date with expensive food and everything. I love lamb. I think it may be the best meat in the world. And Monster House was a good movie.

Daylight savings caused a beating on me, though. At least we were at church on time. Carolyn came an hour late. Poor girl... That's twice that she's missed sacrament meeting. Shame shame on her.

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