Sunday, April 29, 2007


First, an apology. I went to Boise for a friend's wedding this weekend, so I didn't update. But now I am.

We have some pictures concerning commencement. Vice President Dick Cheney came to speak at the ceremony. Here is how everyone got ready:

Provo City put flags up along the streets.

Meanwhile, the College Democrats hosted a protest against Cheney's visit. This was funny because there were a few anti-Mormon protesters, too. I have no idea why they were there.

Just thought that would be of interest. Like always, I'm not going to let you know how I feel about the whole matter. Politics are personal. My parents never EVER told us how they voted; I'm not even sure if they told each other. I like that. Politics get in the way of a good time.

But I did well in my two hardest classes! Guess who's going to commencement in August....

Oh Yeah! Me!

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