Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Friday

So on the way to campus today, McKay and I were talking about our crazy weekend, and we decided that the craziest was Friday, so I've decided to share my Friday with you.

First, we went to the temple in time for the 7:00am session. We hadn't been to the temple in a while. I was so happy! That session was proof that God will answer our silliest of prayers.

We then split up. I sat in the laundromat watching our clothes, while McKay did the grocery shopping. After all that was done, McKay took the car in for an oil change, and I folded laundry and knitted.

McKay then went to work. I went to the yarn store, promptly spent more than I planned on (but some of that yarn was for McKay!). Ok. Fine, only one skein was for McKay. I then go home and continue to knit.

At this point I'm almost done with McKay's socks, so I tell McKay that I'm going to go up to campus and bring the socks with, so he can show them to the guys at work.

So I start walking...and cause an accident! Ok. It's not really my fault the guy wasn't paying attention, but if I hadn't been there, it wouldn't have happened.

I'm at the corner of 100W and 800N. There isn't a crosswalk there, so I patiently wait for the cars to pass. One car sees me, stops and waves me across, so I start walking. About halfway across, BOOM! I see smoke and I'm pretty sure a car's engine just popped, but I see glass all over the street. You see, behind the car that waved me across was another car, patiently waiting, and behind THAT car there was another car which promptly rear-ended the second car. I kept walking towards school, but a couple of blocks later, I heard ambulances and police cars. I hope everyone was alright.

I then get to McKay's office and tell everyone the story. McKay starts showing off the socks to his boss and coworkers. When we get home, we go back to the yarn store for needles and head over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a gift card because we have a reception to go to that night.

Driving along University Parkway, we pull up next to...Carolyn and Scott! They've only had their car for less than a week, and we're already waving to them on the road. What strange luck.

So we go to the reception, eat some free food and leave after about an hour (we didn't know very many people there).

Upon arriving at our home again, Scott and Carolyn confirm plans for driving to Idaho the next day. I take it upon myself to get a library card at the Provo library, and check out books on tape for the trip. I found out later that Scott told Carolyn that sending me to the library was a bad idea, "she's going to get some femme-nazi book on tape." I didn't. I got The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Carolyn's favorite book of the Hitchhiker's Guide 5-book trilogy) and Queen of Sorcery by Eddings. I figured a sci-fi and a fantasy would go over well. And it did. I exceeded all expectations, when I presented the books on tape to the Duede's the next day. Mind you, the expectations were "some femme-nazi book on tape."

So the day was busy: we went to the temple, did our chores, visited a reception, went to the yarn shop (twice), plus I caused an accident and got a library card. My days can be quite productive when I don't have school!

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