Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Last night, we went to one of the 2 complexes in our ward boundaries for elderly people for Family Home Evening. A couple of weeks ago, the people in charge of organizing it, were really desperate for help, so I made sure that the next Sunday, I signed up. I was a little wary at first; we don't really know how to do Family Home Evening with the two of us, let along with 5-10 people we aren't related to. Maybe I felt inferior because my age is about a quarter of theirs. But I really love old people; I can't wait to be one. Because we weren't at church on Sunday (Idaho, remember?), we didn't know that 2 people at that complex had died the previous week.
Anyway, there was a good batch of people and they loved to comment. Wilford told McKay and I that we looked so much alike. Good couples always look alike, he said. He told us that's how we can know that ours was a match made in heaven...aww... Oh man! By the end of it, I didn't know why I was nervous! They loved the fact that I could play the piano for the opening song. I told McKay that we have to do that more often.
In another note, we did see the first installment of The Mormons last night, using our very static-y, no reception TV. I think they chose good segments of conference to quote. My only beef was the lack of mention of the women of the church. You can't leave their opinions out of it, especially concerning polygamy, where the women definitely outnumbered the guys. Gosh! The majority of people practicing polygamy where women! Also, Utah was the first state to allow women to vote in state elections. Zina D. H. Young, the third president of the Relief Society, went to New York and met Susan B. Anthony a few times (in fact, Anthony spoke at the Tabernacle in Salt Lake once), to rally for women's federal suffrage. The women in the Church were VERY forward, feminist women, who even had their own newsletter, the Exponent, where they discussed family, social, and political issues. Why was that left out?
Anyway, enough of my little feminist rant. Today we're getting rid of out old computer monitor. It decided to be fidgety a month or so ago, so we bought a new one. I found someone who wants to use it to make a projector, which is a noble cause and I'm glad the old monitor could find a new home.
And we got our tax refund from the government! Now we can buy lots of expensive stuff, I mean, pay for tuition and health insurance!

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