Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I was kind of tagged

Just to keep you all coming (I'll get a bigger post up later when life settles down a bit).

This was on Beth's blog, so here I go.

I heart
01. my family
02. lemonade, cake, okra, Fritos, and icecream
03. Church and the gospel and Christ
04. dreaming. If I never dreamt, I'd never sleep. Last night, Jessica and Roger Rabbit were on vacation with McKay and I in my dream. Very fun!
05. writing letters

I hate (or strongly dislike)
01. movie previews
02. People who are just plain mean.
03. People who say, "Math? I know about math; I watch Numb3rs!" If you knew anything about math, you wouldn't believe a thing that show says.
04. Hairspray and curling irons
05. the news


  1. I agree on not liking people who are mean, but the okra is definitely a problem in our relationship as Aunt-in-law to niece-in-law!!!
    I love how you word things. It's fun to read your blog.

  2. So great! And heart #1 and #3 are duhs! :P

    I hope me never seeing Numb3rs makes you like me even more... And I can't believe you can sleep with dreams. I'm the total opposite.


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