Thursday, May 03, 2007

R is for Thursday

Well, let's see...
Yesterday was the first day of class for me. I'm only taking 1 class (Math 532: complex anaylsis). It's not bad (but then again, I've only had one class period) and I'm about halfway done with the assignment due tomorrow. I feel on top of things! The only dishes that haven't been done yet are the ones we used for breakfast! WOW! And our house is CLEAN! Well, there are a few things I'd still like to do, but I definitely had a good time spring cleaning this week. And by "good time" I mean, while I was cleaning out the fridge, I stepped backwards and toppled the entire liter of lemonade all over the kitchen floor. Well, I did clean it up. We don't have a mop, but I do have some Simple Green and rags. Don't worry. The floor is no longer sticky.
I gave up on the okra this year. It all died out. I had two sprouts of marigolds coming up, so I transplanted one into the okra's pot. I was afraid it'd die (it did look mighty wilted 3 hours after the transplant), but it's up and at 'em now!
Because of Women's Conference, McKay's mom is in town (along with 5(?not entirely sure of the number?) aunts-in-law and a grandma). We saw them last night and are going to have dinner with them tonight (meaning no dishes to clean!) They were having a hard time last night deciding where to eat. They chose some place...I don't remember. I just know that, supposedly, it's a big meat place. I eat meat, but not much. I try to keep it under 2 oz. of red meat a day (I'll max at 3, if I must).
Oh man. I've been having a knitting dilemma lately. I'm working on socks for Melissa (she's going to Siberia on a mission, and will NEED tall socks), but meanwhile, McKay has a project. The thing is, I'm a much better knitter than he is. I could have finished his project by now, and in fact, he's asked me to start it off for him. I'll admit...starting it is the hardest part, but I don't know if this "helping" him is going to turn into "doing the whole thing." I hope not. Oh well.
Oh and yesterday, while I was chatting with Beth, the internet completely died! I had a huge sinking feeling about it, and should have gone up to the Duede's apartment and checked it out. Well, when McKay got home, he went up there (he has a key for these sort of Internet emergencies), and found that the handle was locked (we have the deadbolt key). So we called up the Duedes and they came back and found that all of the Internet stuff was taken: the box from Comcast and our router. The landlord had been moving out furniture all day, and I guess he took the Internet stuff too. This perturbed the Duedes because, although they have moved out, they are still paying rent until the new tenants move in (mid May), so technically, they still have the place. I hope we get our router back. I told the Duedes to call the police and report a theft (although petty as it is). They thought that would be bad for the landlord/Duede relationship, but I told them, "You're moving out, what does it matter?" Well, in the end, they didn't pursue my plan, and are still waiting for the landlord to call back. Ugh!
And I've been reading The Women of Mormondom by Tullige. It was written in the 1870s, so it's pretty...strange. It's just interesting to see how the early Saints viewed Mormonism and the world in general. 130 years later, the world has GREATLY changed, and it's interesting to see how Tullige viewed his religion in a pre-world war/information age perspective. When he writes, he uses tons of exclamation points; it's gives you the sense that the people were just on fire with the gospel at that time. I think we'v toned down a bit because of how people would look at us, so a book with that much excitement is just thrilling. Also, having more modern revelation available to me, I can pin point places where the doctrine's a little...well, understood differently nowadays. But as long as you remember the sort of spirit Tullige must have been in when he wrote the book, you don't get too confused. I especially like the one chapter about women in the temple and how the temple allows women to work at their full potential (I think the temple does that for everyone). And I also like, how, whenever he mentions a woman who he has high opinion of, he calls them "Sister ____, the high priestess", or "The prophetess, Sister ____". It reminds me that we are all prophets/prophetesses when we testify of Christ.

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  1. Aw man, you have been writing mammoth posts, it's so hard for me to make sure I comment on everything! So I'm just going to give you a cyber nod in agreement to it all!

    Have fun with the family! And good luck with the flowers; I seem to kill everything I touch, which makes my thumb black?? Oh, and good luck with the whole internet fiasco. Updates?


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