Wednesday, June 27, 2007


*A Contest and Some News

So the news first. I just got a phone call. While trying to process my gradution requirements, it was found that I only have 117 credits instead of the required 120. Ack! So I've been runnning around trying to add another 3 credits before the time is up! And since we'll be gone this weekend, I have to really hurry my hiney.

But anyway,

Onto the contest!

Welcome to the Acronym Contest!
The AC will last for 2 weeks (July 2-July 14) minus Sundays and holidays (aka the 4th).

What I'll do: Every morning, I will draw random Scrabble letters from a sack and post them on my blog in the order that they are drawn.

What you'll do: You will leave comments on my blog, coming up with creative acronyms. For example, if I draw DSIV, you can post "Dangerous Scooters in Vermont" or "Don't serve Internet visitors" or "Drunk Skunk Invokes Vandalism." The more creative, the better. I'll choose the ones I like best and order them 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Points will be rewarded: 1st: 10 pts, 2nd: 7 pts, 3rd: 4 points. There will also be a free participation point for every day you enter, but do not place.

Every few days or so, I'll increase the number of letters in the acronym to allow for a greater challenge and more creative freedom!

Additional requirements: Only 1 entry a day. If you find a more creative one later, you may delete your previous comment and add a new one. Use clean language and imagery. If I deem it to be inappropriate, I will delete your comment and you will receive no points. This includes (but is not limited to) swearing, sexually/graphically explicit content or references, etc. Please, keep it G, for GREAT!

The first day of this contest will be July 2nd. Look for some letters there!

Oh I forgot to mention what the winner(s?) will win... I don't know yet... It'll be good, though.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

You're so Vain

You probably think this blog is about you.

Well, it is. If you means me, of course.

So here're some pictures of me.

Last Sunday:

That is how I went to church (don't worry, I didn't bring the messy closet you see behind me).

Sometime during the week. I don't actually know when.

Today, McKay caught a picture of me at the mirror getting ready for church. Oh, the vanity.

AND THEN, I got a hair cut. I look hot, if I do say so myself, and I do say so!
McKay told me to "purse your lips."

And in this one, it looks like I'm doing a video for some country song.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Favorite Things

So, on Friday in the mail, we got two pieces of junk mail, two bills, and two swap-related boxes!

One for the My Favorite Things Swap and one for the Knitting Gnome Swap.

Life as a Mama was my partner (her gifts will be sent Monday).

I love how she had all of the gifts in "brown paper packages tied up with strings." Now I've got that song stuck in my head!

And unwrapped:
Oh wow. So exciting! Like the box cutter on the bottom right of the picture? Thought you would. I'm so excited for her to receive my gift! And we're using one of the recipes she sent tomorrow when we have company over! Also, I NEEDED a new little bag. It was definitely used right away! Thanks so much!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Family in the news

So my sister-in-law is quoted in this article. I won't give out which woman she is for privacy reasons, though.

Just thought someone would be interested (aka Beth).

My opinions about birthing and hospitals and birth centers and midwives and all that jazz will be saved for another day. It's a firey topic here. Sort of.

Anyway, I may have some pictures up later today either here or at InfiKnity. We went to the Carillon Concert last night!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

just your average college town

full of graffiti

These pictures were taken by me. I find it amusing that as the Provo Police are trying to get rid of graffiti, some graffiti is still around. You'll notice the uplifting and artistic elements of the graffiti left here. These are my two favorites. If I find any more around town, I'll post them.

on 800 North next to the Amanda Knight Hall

Marilyn Monroe:
On 500 North on the north side of Ozz.

The Right Time, Right Place-athon

I'm really a failure about this. I did attempt to do this yesterday, but I have a forgetful sort of personality...

But here are the pictures I didn't forget (click on images to see them larger):
8am On the way to school we see something (these were taken on campus):

Can't see it? How about now?

It's a fawn, and suddenly, as we go to leave, the doe appears from the bushes:

So we decide that it's ok if McKay gets to work late, and run around to the RB stairs to get better pictures.

So that was cool. I should have jumped into that last picture by that wall, so you could see how close we were to the deer, but, alas, I didn't.

So I took pictures at 9 and 10, but I can't find them on the camera! Ugh.

So here's the 11am picture. There's an error in the proof on the board, see if you can find it!

And then this is from around 12:45, during our lunch break. I look really frumpy. I need to dress up better for school and not slouch.

After that I forgot to take pictures until I got a package from my mother:

Some cinnamon-y ginger-y pretzels and a box with key-lime cheese ball mix, both from Tastefully Simple. And a couple of grocery bags and, of course, more important: bubble wrap!

McKay and I went to the opera last night, but we can't take pictures in the show, so we didn't bring the camera, sorry. We saw Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers. Very nice show. Very funny show, too!

Guess who had another crazy pregnant dream last night? Yeah. And this time (in the dream), I have the kid and he starts talking 10 minutes after birth...he told me he wanted to be named Reese, which, of course, I thought was a ridiculous name. And he signed me up for spam while I was shopping for a nursing bra. Yeah. WEIRD. Stupid dreams.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A busy, blessed day

Monday was ridiculously crazy, so I'm going to tell you all about it.

I had a math test (my last one before my final last week), so I spent the entire morning and afternoon (until 2:15) studying for it. I planned on going into the test at 3, but instead went at 2:30. The test was alright. It think the lowest I could have gotten was a B, so that's good news. I'll find out tomorrow...
And then my mother called to update me with the happenings at home. She was rather lucky that I took the test early, or I might not have been able to get the phone.
And then, I decided that I NEEDED a nap. Studying takes the energy out of me like no other. So I head home and I get a phone call right as I unlock the door (and Cathy was lucky I had the phone with me). Now, I didn't really know Cathy. She had called the night before because she really likes the RS Newsletters I make up and wanted a copy (so I knew she was in our ward, but I didn't put her name to her face), but I didn't know which apartment she was in, so I couldn't get a copy to her. When she called yesterday, I figured she was still wanting a copy of the newsletter. Instead she asked," Is your husband home?" Well, no. He was at work, but she had a flat tire and needed help. I ran upstairs to our neighbors, and luckily Ben was home. Ben and I went over to her place to help her out. Cathy's husband was having trouble with the jack and so Ben was helping out with that and I sat and chatted with Cathy (believe me, I was no help to the men). I now know who she is! She's been in the ward about as long as I have, but she works on Sundays occasionally (which is why she didn't get the newsletter for this month). She and her husband are grandparents (although she doesn't look like she's above her forties/early fifties) of almost 6 grandchildren. They live in a small apartment now because they figured their 5 bedroom house was too huge once their kids moved out). It was nice talking with her and watching one of her granddaughters (about 2 years old?). Anyway, when I got home, McKay was starting dinner (wonderful!)
We then went to one of the apartment complexes in our neighborhood for elderly people and had a Family Home Evening lesson. I love the old people! I just love old people in general. I hope I age as well and as happily as the people we taught last night.
And THEN we had Scott and Carolyn come over for Dungeons and Dragons, but I didn't have a session planned (my day was a little busy), so we just chatted and had a good time.

So I bet you're thinking, so where's the pictures of each hour? Well, I chose not to do Monday or Tuesday this week because of various reasons. Wednesday is much more typical of my normal days. Anticipate a Right Place, Right Time montage tomorrow, well, Thursday, because I won't have taken all the pictures yet.

Some pictures for fun:
A smiley face flag at half-mast. What?
Who puts a happy face flag at half-mast? Obviously the people who are in the building across the street from us.
Oh, and a dragon fly on my marigolds, see him?

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Strange Bit

about our ward (at least to me)

The deacons in our ward don't come around to gather fast offering from us! McKay says it's because they only go to the shut-in members in the ward (and we have a lot, especially with two apartment complexes especially for elderly people).

And I thought that was strange (and I missed seeing the deacons), until I saw Board Question 36713, found out that people thought it was strange to go to everyone in the ward. It is a strange world, eh?

I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't have a lot of time for my blog. Ok. You've probably noticed. So next week, for a couple of days, I'll be doing a special feature called,

"The Right Place, Right Time"-athon.

I only added "-athon" to make it sound official.

The Run-down: I will pick a few days of the week, and take a picture of whatever I'm looking at every hour, on the hour. For example, if I happen to be eating dinner at 6 pm, then you'll get a picture of my plate or McKay, across the way. Of course, I'll take out exceptions (ie. if I'm in the shower!) But it should be fun. I'll try to pick days that are representative of my normal, typical days. I might even pick every day, if you don't mind.

Now, this won't start until Sunday, at the earliest (for this blog). However, I may do this on Saturday for Worldwide Knit in Public Day for my Infiknity blog. Also, Saturday is going to be pretty radical. I have to attend a move, a bridal shower, a ward BBQ, and a dance party. I might not actually get much knitting in.

Monday, June 04, 2007

That crazy pregnant dream I promised

The other post was getting long, so I decided that the crazy pregnant dream I mentioned in the post beneath this one would get its own post.

I had this dream while I was a junior in high school.

In my dream, I find out I'm pregnant, and I have no idea how it happened. I remember in my dream, trying to remember the past few months, thinking, "I've been at school and work. Let's see school... I go to English class, couldn't have gotten pregnant there... etc." That's how I know I was a junior in high school because of which English class I remembered in my dream. Anyway, I realize I have to tell my parents that I'm pregnant (in my dream, remember). So in my dream, I go to my parents and say, "Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant."
Dream Dad: "How did that happen? Who's the father?"
Dream Me: "I don't know!"
Dad: "Like you weren't there when it happened!"
Me: "I wasn't! I don't know what happened! All I know is that I didn't do anything that got me pregnant!"
Dad: "Uhuh. Right..."

And that's all I remember of that dream. That's my favorite pregnant dream because it's so funny.

And don't think my weird dreams are limited to me being female. I had one once where I was a boy, and I found that I could pull out my organs (ie. bladder, etc), through my...boy part. The organs would just slip right out, and in my dream, I went to my brother, Rick and told him about it and asked, "Is that normal?" Dream Rick said, "Oh yeah. All guys can do that."

Yeah. Ok. Enough crazy dreams for today. But now you see why I love dreaming...because it's so crazy weird!

Strange Dreams

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: If I never dreamed, I'd never go to sleep.

And I think that's why I dream. God knows I wouldn't sleep any other way.

Saturday was a late night, hanging out with the gang one last time having a Brazilian BBQ. McKay and I brought pao de queijo; it's too bad Carolyn is pregnant and she can't stand certain foods. I'm sure she would have loved the pao de queijo had she not been pregnant. We also had lots of meat. That's like the only thing Brazilians eat or something...ever been to Tucano's? Same deal there, all you can eat meat. We also had grilled pineapple and grilled bananas with this amazing sauce (the main ingredient is sweetened condensed milk!) Anyway, it was wonderful to see everybody!
With L going on a mission in a couple of weeks, I may never see her again. Of course, I'll write to her like a crazy woman and miss her sorely.

Well, because of the lateness Saturday night, McKay and I took naps Sunday after church. Oh gosh, church! For the first time in months, I got little to nothing out of church because I was so tired. I usually have a wonderful time. I was on the verge of tears in Relief Society because the teacher didn't give us enough time to bear testimonies at the end and I really really really really really wanted to! There are so many times I don't want to go up and bear my testimony, but when I do, I HAVE to, and I love it.

Anyway, after church we had naptime. So wonderful! But I have strange dreams. I mean it, they are STRANGE! When the phone started ringing, I felt the dream melt away, but this is what I remember.

I was in a graduate German class for my minor (I'm not a German minor, but I was in my dream). It was announced that something not happy was going to happen to all the German students (I was in class during that, but the classroom was somehow connected to a gymnasium where all the other German students were, so we heard the announcement). It was then announced from the gymnasium that the grad students were exempt from the bad thing, so my class started packing up. I was still an undergrad in the dream, but since I was in a grad class, I thought I'd be able to sneak out and not have the something bad happen to me. As I was packing up my stuff in the classroom (and my classmates were leaving), one of the guards who determines who can go or stay came up to me and asked if I'm a grad student. The guard was 12 feet tall. Its head was a smiley face, 2 feet in diameter and the rest of it was cylindrical legs about 6 inches in diameter.

Then the phone rang and I never got to find out what was going to happen! Augh! And the dream was getting interesting, too!

And then last night I had another crazy dream.

In my dream, I was pregnant. Pregnant dreams are really weird, and I've been having them since junior high/high school, I'll share my favorite pregnant dream later. Back to the dream:
Well, so I was pregnant, and I knew I was going into labor. I had decided that I was going to have the baby at home, but I wanted to make sure everything was all right, so I went to the ER (why would anyone go to an ER for this, I don't know, but it was a dream) to get an ultrasound so I could find out if the baby was in the right position, etc, etc. I go in and talk to a nurse and she said I couldn't possibly be in labor because I was only 5 months pregnant. I looked down, and she was right: I was only 5 months pregnant, but for some reason I really wanted an ultrasound, so I said, "I want to find out if I have twins." She looked at me and said, "If you had twins, you'd be bigger." I looked down, realized she was right, and then I saw my belly grow to the size of a woman in her 38th week, so I said, "Look! I might have twins!" HAHAHA. I do weird things in my dreams.
So anyway, at this point, I've decided that I'm having twins and I don't need an ultrasound anymore, so I wanted to leave the ER, but the nurse is all, "You need an ultrasound" and she and her 2 nurse friends locked down the ER so I wouldn't be able to leave. The nurses called the doctor, and I swore to him that I don't need an ultrasound and I was LEAVING!
Somehow I got out of the ER, but I needed to find McKay so I could get home. I find a bunch of little houses and a quarter and a dime and a nickel. I go to the houses to find a phone, but I only have $.40 and I need $.50. The people in the houses have crazy hair and can't read. And that's really all I remember.

And those are my weird dreams for the weekend. Gosh! I should write these down more often; I have crazy dreams.