Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A busy, blessed day

Monday was ridiculously crazy, so I'm going to tell you all about it.

I had a math test (my last one before my final last week), so I spent the entire morning and afternoon (until 2:15) studying for it. I planned on going into the test at 3, but instead went at 2:30. The test was alright. It think the lowest I could have gotten was a B, so that's good news. I'll find out tomorrow...
And then my mother called to update me with the happenings at home. She was rather lucky that I took the test early, or I might not have been able to get the phone.
And then, I decided that I NEEDED a nap. Studying takes the energy out of me like no other. So I head home and I get a phone call right as I unlock the door (and Cathy was lucky I had the phone with me). Now, I didn't really know Cathy. She had called the night before because she really likes the RS Newsletters I make up and wanted a copy (so I knew she was in our ward, but I didn't put her name to her face), but I didn't know which apartment she was in, so I couldn't get a copy to her. When she called yesterday, I figured she was still wanting a copy of the newsletter. Instead she asked," Is your husband home?" Well, no. He was at work, but she had a flat tire and needed help. I ran upstairs to our neighbors, and luckily Ben was home. Ben and I went over to her place to help her out. Cathy's husband was having trouble with the jack and so Ben was helping out with that and I sat and chatted with Cathy (believe me, I was no help to the men). I now know who she is! She's been in the ward about as long as I have, but she works on Sundays occasionally (which is why she didn't get the newsletter for this month). She and her husband are grandparents (although she doesn't look like she's above her forties/early fifties) of almost 6 grandchildren. They live in a small apartment now because they figured their 5 bedroom house was too huge once their kids moved out). It was nice talking with her and watching one of her granddaughters (about 2 years old?). Anyway, when I got home, McKay was starting dinner (wonderful!)
We then went to one of the apartment complexes in our neighborhood for elderly people and had a Family Home Evening lesson. I love the old people! I just love old people in general. I hope I age as well and as happily as the people we taught last night.
And THEN we had Scott and Carolyn come over for Dungeons and Dragons, but I didn't have a session planned (my day was a little busy), so we just chatted and had a good time.

So I bet you're thinking, so where's the pictures of each hour? Well, I chose not to do Monday or Tuesday this week because of various reasons. Wednesday is much more typical of my normal days. Anticipate a Right Place, Right Time montage tomorrow, well, Thursday, because I won't have taken all the pictures yet.

Some pictures for fun:
A smiley face flag at half-mast. What?
Who puts a happy face flag at half-mast? Obviously the people who are in the building across the street from us.
Oh, and a dragon fly on my marigolds, see him?

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