Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Right Time, Right Place-athon

I'm really a failure about this. I did attempt to do this yesterday, but I have a forgetful sort of personality...

But here are the pictures I didn't forget (click on images to see them larger):
8am On the way to school we see something (these were taken on campus):

Can't see it? How about now?

It's a fawn, and suddenly, as we go to leave, the doe appears from the bushes:

So we decide that it's ok if McKay gets to work late, and run around to the RB stairs to get better pictures.

So that was cool. I should have jumped into that last picture by that wall, so you could see how close we were to the deer, but, alas, I didn't.

So I took pictures at 9 and 10, but I can't find them on the camera! Ugh.

So here's the 11am picture. There's an error in the proof on the board, see if you can find it!

And then this is from around 12:45, during our lunch break. I look really frumpy. I need to dress up better for school and not slouch.

After that I forgot to take pictures until I got a package from my mother:

Some cinnamon-y ginger-y pretzels and a box with key-lime cheese ball mix, both from Tastefully Simple. And a couple of grocery bags and, of course, more important: bubble wrap!

McKay and I went to the opera last night, but we can't take pictures in the show, so we didn't bring the camera, sorry. We saw Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers. Very nice show. Very funny show, too!

Guess who had another crazy pregnant dream last night? Yeah. And this time (in the dream), I have the kid and he starts talking 10 minutes after birth...he told me he wanted to be named Reese, which, of course, I thought was a ridiculous name. And he signed me up for spam while I was shopping for a nursing bra. Yeah. WEIRD. Stupid dreams.

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