Monday, June 04, 2007

Strange Dreams

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: If I never dreamed, I'd never go to sleep.

And I think that's why I dream. God knows I wouldn't sleep any other way.

Saturday was a late night, hanging out with the gang one last time having a Brazilian BBQ. McKay and I brought pao de queijo; it's too bad Carolyn is pregnant and she can't stand certain foods. I'm sure she would have loved the pao de queijo had she not been pregnant. We also had lots of meat. That's like the only thing Brazilians eat or something...ever been to Tucano's? Same deal there, all you can eat meat. We also had grilled pineapple and grilled bananas with this amazing sauce (the main ingredient is sweetened condensed milk!) Anyway, it was wonderful to see everybody!
With L going on a mission in a couple of weeks, I may never see her again. Of course, I'll write to her like a crazy woman and miss her sorely.

Well, because of the lateness Saturday night, McKay and I took naps Sunday after church. Oh gosh, church! For the first time in months, I got little to nothing out of church because I was so tired. I usually have a wonderful time. I was on the verge of tears in Relief Society because the teacher didn't give us enough time to bear testimonies at the end and I really really really really really wanted to! There are so many times I don't want to go up and bear my testimony, but when I do, I HAVE to, and I love it.

Anyway, after church we had naptime. So wonderful! But I have strange dreams. I mean it, they are STRANGE! When the phone started ringing, I felt the dream melt away, but this is what I remember.

I was in a graduate German class for my minor (I'm not a German minor, but I was in my dream). It was announced that something not happy was going to happen to all the German students (I was in class during that, but the classroom was somehow connected to a gymnasium where all the other German students were, so we heard the announcement). It was then announced from the gymnasium that the grad students were exempt from the bad thing, so my class started packing up. I was still an undergrad in the dream, but since I was in a grad class, I thought I'd be able to sneak out and not have the something bad happen to me. As I was packing up my stuff in the classroom (and my classmates were leaving), one of the guards who determines who can go or stay came up to me and asked if I'm a grad student. The guard was 12 feet tall. Its head was a smiley face, 2 feet in diameter and the rest of it was cylindrical legs about 6 inches in diameter.

Then the phone rang and I never got to find out what was going to happen! Augh! And the dream was getting interesting, too!

And then last night I had another crazy dream.

In my dream, I was pregnant. Pregnant dreams are really weird, and I've been having them since junior high/high school, I'll share my favorite pregnant dream later. Back to the dream:
Well, so I was pregnant, and I knew I was going into labor. I had decided that I was going to have the baby at home, but I wanted to make sure everything was all right, so I went to the ER (why would anyone go to an ER for this, I don't know, but it was a dream) to get an ultrasound so I could find out if the baby was in the right position, etc, etc. I go in and talk to a nurse and she said I couldn't possibly be in labor because I was only 5 months pregnant. I looked down, and she was right: I was only 5 months pregnant, but for some reason I really wanted an ultrasound, so I said, "I want to find out if I have twins." She looked at me and said, "If you had twins, you'd be bigger." I looked down, realized she was right, and then I saw my belly grow to the size of a woman in her 38th week, so I said, "Look! I might have twins!" HAHAHA. I do weird things in my dreams.
So anyway, at this point, I've decided that I'm having twins and I don't need an ultrasound anymore, so I wanted to leave the ER, but the nurse is all, "You need an ultrasound" and she and her 2 nurse friends locked down the ER so I wouldn't be able to leave. The nurses called the doctor, and I swore to him that I don't need an ultrasound and I was LEAVING!
Somehow I got out of the ER, but I needed to find McKay so I could get home. I find a bunch of little houses and a quarter and a dime and a nickel. I go to the houses to find a phone, but I only have $.40 and I need $.50. The people in the houses have crazy hair and can't read. And that's really all I remember.

And those are my weird dreams for the weekend. Gosh! I should write these down more often; I have crazy dreams.

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