Monday, June 04, 2007

That crazy pregnant dream I promised

The other post was getting long, so I decided that the crazy pregnant dream I mentioned in the post beneath this one would get its own post.

I had this dream while I was a junior in high school.

In my dream, I find out I'm pregnant, and I have no idea how it happened. I remember in my dream, trying to remember the past few months, thinking, "I've been at school and work. Let's see school... I go to English class, couldn't have gotten pregnant there... etc." That's how I know I was a junior in high school because of which English class I remembered in my dream. Anyway, I realize I have to tell my parents that I'm pregnant (in my dream, remember). So in my dream, I go to my parents and say, "Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant."
Dream Dad: "How did that happen? Who's the father?"
Dream Me: "I don't know!"
Dad: "Like you weren't there when it happened!"
Me: "I wasn't! I don't know what happened! All I know is that I didn't do anything that got me pregnant!"
Dad: "Uhuh. Right..."

And that's all I remember of that dream. That's my favorite pregnant dream because it's so funny.

And don't think my weird dreams are limited to me being female. I had one once where I was a boy, and I found that I could pull out my organs (ie. bladder, etc), through my...boy part. The organs would just slip right out, and in my dream, I went to my brother, Rick and told him about it and asked, "Is that normal?" Dream Rick said, "Oh yeah. All guys can do that."

Yeah. Ok. Enough crazy dreams for today. But now you see why I love dreaming...because it's so crazy weird!


  1. Sorry I called you on Sunday and made you miss the end of your dream.

  2. I hate dreaming. It makes me restless, especially when they're of the weird kind...


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