Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Acronym Contest Day 2

First, the results from yesterday. It was very hard to pick; you have no idea. So many wonderful acronyms! We'll here are our standings:

1st- Summers Camp with Amiable Eels Kiss
2nd- Queen Meadow with Anaconda Eat Krill
3rd- Robin with Artificial Egg Kiosk

So the scores are now:
10- Summers Camp
7- Queen Meadow
4- Robin
1- NH Knitting Mama
1- The Writ Wit
1- Rick, my brother

That's after Day 1, and anything can happen for the rest of these two weeks. Also, if you are just finding out about the competition today, there will still be many opportunities for points to come! All is not lost!

Acronym for Day 2: U B L S

Oh man! We're up to 4 letters now! Ok. Ok. 3 letters bore me. I thought 4 would make it more exciting.


  1. UBLS, tough one, hmmm....

    Umbrella's Bring Less Sunshine.


  2. Seriously?! I thought Brad's was the best and mine was totally lame! Looks like I have dialed into the way you think... I'll be back to enter later!

  3. Underwater Brigand of Lost Sailors

  4. Underdone Biscuits Lead to Salmonella

  5. Underground bloodworms likes to squiggle

  6. Upper Belly Line Syndrome

  7. Undulations Beget Loss of Snacks

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. United Brotherhood of Lederhosen Survivors

  10. ugh, I'm not doing good in the points!

    Let's see... UBLS... UBLS...

    How about

    "Unbelievable Blue-Light Specials"
    **I hate K-mart, BTW**


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